Alien Appointments Oppose Competent Canadians

alienAlien appointments have hurt the Canadian economy and oppose perfectly competent regional workers, specifically in the areas of non-specialized operatives. Although the appointments have been around for the past four decades, they have traditionally been used for adept workers, patterned agricultural workers and nursemaids. The program was extended to include unskilled workers before Ottawa, the seat of the Canadian Government, simplified the hiring practices of temporary foreign workers from 2002 to 2013. There has been an electrifying rise in the amount of hotels and restaurants using the program. The problem has apparently been familiar to Canada’s federal government for years, culminating in 2008, when B.C. and Alberta were known to have twice the number of non-competent Canadians as the rest of the country. This has led to capable locals being denied a job due to workplace overcrowding.

It only costs a Canadian employer a measly $275 for an alien appointment permit, which opposes the cost of relocating local competent Canadians. The fee applies to large corporations and small mom and pop operations, it does not change. This fee is minuscule compared to the U.S. price of $2,325 for the equivalent. Working people are outraged over the fact they are being passed over in favor of people from out of the country. Canada’s Conservative Government has since opposed the regulations by cautioning of reparation, misrepresentation charges and prosecution, but this is a small consolation to competent Canadians, who have seen a steep increase in foreign workers go from 100,000 in 2002 to 338,000 working in the country now. Putting a restriction on the number of temporary non-resident laborers allowed into Canada would help calm the dilemma for competent resident workers, yet would be inconclusive as there is no concrete data for the shape of Canada’s economy.

There have been 69 propositions to enhance the information on the labor market from valued economist Don Drummond, practically none of which have been actualized. The Labor Ministry put forth several revisions to the alien appointments; compiling improved data on whether labor shortfalls are present in Canada, making the cost of an alien worker go ahead for businesses more expensive, and employers facing stiffer rules by making them verify they have sincerely been destitute to fill available openings with Canadian employees. Critics who oppose the nefarious program say that companies got away with paying foreign workers 15 percent less than competent Canadians under the alien appointments and that hush-hush dealing where foreign laborers were hired for extremely low paying jobs cripples minimum wage laws. Local people who live in Canada are being fired or having their work hours scaled back in order to expedite the appointments.

Some experts question whether or not businesses in Canada are truly doing due diligence in recruiting in their native land. There have been 400 applications in New Brunswick alone from companies requesting alien appointments in the years between 2010 and 2012, which opposes competent Canadians. Some companies say they never followed through with their application; others have used the program for a few vacancies which they claim they were unable to fill with qualified Canadians, while still others oppose the program that have started recruitment programs, with schools to implement training programs that would give local youth a head start in the workforce game.

Opinion By Korrey Laderoute

CBC News
The Star
Torono Sun

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