Amanda Seyfried Up for ‘Mean Girls’ Reunion

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried has said that she will be up for a Mean Girls reunion. That just leaves three actresses to agree to a sequel. Well, it would really be a trilogy since there has already been a sequel to the comedy. Just to let you know, there will be spoilers in this for those who have not yet seen the 2004 movie.

The original Mean Girls centered around Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady, who moved from Africa to the United States. Her parents decided it was time for her to enter mainstream schooling, and she soon found out that high school was very much like the wild. Within days, she found herself being invited to join “The Plastics,” and it was time to infiltrate the group.

Seyfried played the dizzy blonde, who was sure she had “ESPN.” Her breasts could tell when it was raining, and she went onto become a weather girl by the end of the movie.

Since the creation of the first movie, there was talk about a sequel. Instead of bringing Lohan and co back, the 2011 sequel Mean Girls 2 centered around a high school senior who found herself setting up a group called “The Anti-Plastics,” and started playing a series of pranks to knock “The Plastics” off their pedestals. The movie went straight to DVD, and was quickly forgotten about.

Lohan had previously hinted at the idea of a sequel centering around the original characters in March while on The Tonight Show. With the 10th anniversary around the corner, she stated it would be amazing to have the group get back together. However, only Seyfried has stated she is up for a Mean Girls reunion so far.

The problem for the cast is that everyone has moved on. Twenty-seven-year-old Lohan is currently trying to make her comeback, so it would work in favor for her as long as she can remain sober and turn up for filming on time. Rachel McAdams has gone on to many successful movies include The Time Traveller’s Wife, Sherlock Holmes and The Notebook. There are questions over whether she would want to take a step back and portray the spoilt, stuck up rich girl again.

Lacey Charbet offers her voice for the Transformers: Rescue Bots TV series, which is still ongoing. While she has done the odd movie around this gig, there are no guarantees that her schedule will allow for filming a second Mean Girls movie.

Seyfried has admitted that there may be time problems, so a second movie may never work out. It would also depend on Tina Fey, who wrote the original movie. She will need to come on as the writer for the second to keep the comedic genius the first had. The writer and actress has hinted at the possibility of a sequel just because of the 10th anniversary, but nothing is set in stone. She has since stated that there will be no movie, but a reunion would be good. If it is just a simple Mean Girls reunion, there are chances that more of the cast than just Seyfried will be up for the idea and have time for it.

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