Amber Heard Pregnancy Rumors True?


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard confirmed their relationship in June 2012, got engaged in mid-January and threw an engagement party at The Carondelet House in Los Angeles on March 14, which sparkled rumors regarding the southern beauty’s possible pregnancy, but, according to Depp, the comments are not true. Today Show anchor, Savannah Guthrie talked to Depp about the rumors and put them to rest once and for all; the interview with the actor’s reaction aired Friday, April 4.

OK magazine disclosed in its April 14 issue the fact that a source claimed The Rum Diary co-stars are expecting a baby. Immediately after news broke, Depp accepted an interview with Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie in which he stated that Amber Heard’s pregnancy rumors are not true. His baffled reaction came with the explanation that he is not a “savage” and that the relationship with his fiancée is not “a shotgun affair.” Guthrie obtained a loud and clear negative answer from the actor when asked about the pregnancy rumors, but, irrespective of how trenchant his answer was, he sweetened the declaration with a description of his fiancée, calling her “a wonderful girl.” To him Amber Heard is a sweet, smart “southern belle.”

“Unisex” Engagement Ring

During a press conference in Beijing for his new movie Transcendence, Depp confirmed that the woman’s engagement ring he started wearing on his left finger initially belonged to his fiancée, Amber Heard. He joked about the fact that his decision to wear the engagement ring is “probably a dead giveaway” of their formalized relationship and insiders rushed into saying that his soon-to-be spouse is wearing a different ring, because the initial one was too big for her.

Although wearing a “chick’s ring” is a loud confirmation of the couple’s commitment, Amber Heard’s pregnancy rumors are not true. Depp reacted almost immediately after the comments appeared and took the matter into his hands. His fiancée has not yet commented on the rumors.

Depp finished the round of interviews with David Letterman’s Late Show, where he gushed about the famous engagement ring that he has been sporting for a while. He admitted that the ring was too big for his fiancée and opened up about the illusion about people knowing their loved ones’ ring size “without asking.” The story of how he ended up wearing Heard’s engagement ring is simple and resembles the expression “if the shoe fits.” He told Letterman that they are both wearing engagement rings now and he did not want to return it, because it fitted his finger.

All rumors aside, Depp talked about how he got the approval from Heard’s father and admitted that he gets along well with his soon-to-be father-in-law. The actor even described the Texas-based contractor as “the closest thing to Hunter S. Thompson,” the author he played in the movie that brought the couple together.

Johnny Depp split from former flame Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his two children in June 2012 and soon after went public with his relationship with his The Rum Diary co-star. Although his affair with the southern beauty is considered a race to the altar by some, Depp officially put Amber Heard’s pregnancy rumors to rest when he catalogued them as not true.

By Gabriela Motroc

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