Apple Demands Justice in $2B Case Against Samsung, Jury Still Deliberating

Apple Demands Justice in $2B Case Against Samsung, Jury Still Deliberating

Technology giant Apple, Inc., has brought its rival, Samsung, to court in front of a U.S. jury in a $2B case demanding justice from the company, which Apple claims has stolen its ideas and incorporated them into the Samsung’s own phones. Today, both of the companies made their final closing arguments to the jury as Apple repeatedly remarked upon the importance of its patented features, and the threat that they felt to their patents from Samsung. Samsung had some complaints of its own to file against Apple as well. A Samsung attorney said he felt that Apple was grossly over-exaggerating the importance of its patented features.

The two month long trial ended in Apple conceding that Samsung could never have gotten as far as they have without copying features from its iPhones. It is well known that Apple is, and always has been, the number one leader in the smartphone business. It was also debated how and if Google’s work on Samsung mobile phone software should impact the patent claims that Apple is making in the case.

Some of the Apple patents currently under review in the case include the “slide to unlock” feature on phones, and some of the technology used to do searching on the phones as well. With its $2B suit against Samsung, Apple is demanding the justice that it feels it deserves, and attempting to ban some of the Samsung products that it believes may have stolen patented ideas of Apple’s. This would even include a ban of the popular mobile device, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung is firing back at Apple, however, saying that Apple violated two patents of its own, and that it is looking to ban the iPhone 5 for that reason. Both sides have given their statements, and at this point, the jury is still deliberating, and likely will be for a little while at least.

Samsung’s phones run on the popular Android mobile operating system, which was developed by Google, Inc. The South Korean company was quick to comment in the case that some of the features that Apple claims to have a patent on were actually initially designed by Google. The company brought several executives from Google in to testify regarding this matter. An Apple attorney said, however, that the fact that Google developed the Android operating system is completely irrelevant to Apple’s ability to get damage reimbursement in the suit from Samsung. However, Samsung maintained that Google testifying in the suit about its development of the Android operating system was necessary and even paramount to the case, because Samsung says that it did not steal any patented ideas.

Apple’s attorney said that Samsung’s alleged stealing of patented Apple ideas has been very damaging to Apple’s potential success. The company is demanding justice and monetary compensation for the alleged stolen patented ideas, because it says that this turn of events has turned the smartphone market into a relatively close competition between the two companies, which it otherwise might not have been. While both companies were given their opportunities to make final closing remarks and arguments on Tuesday at the end of this month long trial, the jury will still be deliberating until a decision regarding Apple’s $2B case against Samsung is settled.

By Laura Clark


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