Apple vs. Samsung: The War Just Got Messy


The war between Apple and Samsung just got messy and both tech giants play dirty not only in courtrooms, but also in commercials. It has become an indisputable truth that both companies release ads that allude to each other’s products and, although Samsung has softened its battles on-screen, Apple has not returned its favor. Therefore, after the Korean company released an ad for its new Galaxy S5 smartphone, its American counterpart launched a commercial to reinforce its iPhone 5s’  features and emphasize that it does not require an additional piece of hardware to do what its nemesis does. Even though the battle in court is about to come to an end, the two companies continue to use one another’s features to create a good ad.

The fact that Apple and Samsung are at war is no novelty, but the conflict just got messier. Samsung’s The Next Big Thing ad is a one-minute spot which shows its Galaxy S5’s qualities, but the company could not resist the temptation to compare its product with Apple’s 5s. Therefore, even though the Korean enterprise kept its jokes and hints to a bare minimum, its presentation could not be complete without mentioning iPhone’s name. As a result, Steve Jobs’ company fought back with a Powerful ad which clearly states that iPhone 5s can explore all its features without adding extra buttons or components. In the TV commercial, Apple emphasizes how its product was already powerful enough to do everything its users wish, and even created a special iPhone 5s page on its official website to enforce the ad. The tech company encourages people to “explore the apps from the film” and provides links to the apps seen in the short commercial. The coup de theater is represented by the free app Instant Heart Rate, which occupies a leading role in the ad and in Apple’s ace in the hole against Samsung’s new Galaxy S5. According to the description, the app can measure the user’s heart rate by placing the finger on the iPhone’s flash.

Samsung’s declared nemesis used its Powerful ad to point out that users of the new iPhone 5s are more powerful than they think. “You have the power to create, shape and share your life,” writes Apple on its website. However, the company seems to be losing control of the direct war it has with Samsung in court. The never-ending trial showed signs of closure on Friday, when testimonies wrapped up. A ruling related to a prior lawsuit between Jobs’ company and Motorola followed, which determined Judge Lucy Koh to express her frustration regarding this case, that “has been pending since February 2012.” This might mean that both Apple and Samsung might have the chance to present additional testimony Monday morning, so the closing arguments could occur Tuesday. Although Samsung is demanding a few millions from the American company, the latter wants over $2 billion in damages from its Korean rival.

The war between Apple and Samsung just got messy, since Judge Koh is reluctant to reopen a case against Motorola, which is connected to the current trial with Samsung. Either way, even if the fight should end this week, the ads of both companies prove that the conflict will be carried on in commercials.

By Gabriela Motroc




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