Apple’s iWatch and Why You Want It

iwatchRumors and gossip about Apple’s much-anticipated entry into the wearable technology market have been flying for quite a long while now. Especially in the last several months, the leaked rumors and pictures have been coming at a furious pace. But with all this talk and so little to actually show for it, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal about Apple’s iWatch, and why would i want it?” Historically the tech giant has had a mostly golden touch throughout its career of releasing well-designed, stylish products that generate an intense loyalty among its users. It would probably be quick and easy to simply release a miniature iPhone for your wrist, but Apple is clearly taking their time with this. They’re not one to rush to market with something that is incomplete or unproven (Maps notwithstanding). Rather than just putting out one more tech gadget for the market, they are planning, it seems, to change the face of wearable technology.

As evidence of this patient effort to do something big, Apple has spent the last year hiring experts from industries that they believe will add a must-have quality to their much-anticipated new product.  The device will integrate many wearable health-monitoring technologies, so Apple has spent much time and considerable money hiring top people from the medical, technology and design industries. They are even seeking collaboration with various Swiss watchmakers, although reportedly such a partnership has not emerged yet.

If the rumors are even close to true, Apple’s is a new gadget you’re going to want to have. Leaks regarding Apple’s unreleased Healthbook app show that the device will be able to monitor a wide variety of health stats, including heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure and many others. It will also incorporate a pedometer to track fitness levels and intensity, as it will be able to tell whether you are walking or running by calculating the G-forces generated by your arm as it swings back and forth. It will reportedly also have a newly-developed single-chip ultraviolet radiation sensor. The device could conceivably monitor sleep patterns, hydration, calories burned, perhaps even blood glucose levels.

Reports seem to indicate that when the iWatch is finally released it will come in a variety of looks, with a wide range of materials and many different features. It is expected to be priced for sale at about $265. Not exactly cheap, but this is Apple we’re talking about. And Apple’s competition in wearable tech is hitting the market hard. Google’s Android Wear and Motorola’s Moto 360 are stylish, well designed products that could give Apple a run for their money, But Apple wants the iWatch to change people’s behavior, not just become a bit of bling on the wrist.

To achieve this, Apple is working to put out a device that could monitor your vital signs and activities all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This information would be a powerful insight into undetected or arising health problems, letting you always know just how healthy you really are. If Apple can pull this off, they could very well redefine your personal health maintenance by making the iWatch something you just can’t live without. Or, at least, you wouldn’t want to.

by Peter Barreda


Technology Spectator
Highlight Press
The Diplomat


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