Barbie Coming to Movie Theaters Soon

BarbieBarbie will soon be coming to movie theaters around the world. This is not the first movie of the popular girl’s toy, but is certainly the first that will hit the box office. While children around the world will be rejoicing to this news, parents will roll their eyes and question what the world is coming to.

Another twist to this Barbie movie is that it will not be animated. Real-life actors and actresses will be brought into play the popular toy, her boyfriend Ken, and all her friends. The question on many lips is just who will be picked to play the toy that has everyone either loving or hating.

The controversial girl’s toy is considered by some to offer negative ideas about the ideal shape for a woman’s body. It has been a discussion for years, with various changes happening to conform to current ideals. There are always some of the same complaints: the waist is too thin, the breasts are too large, and she wears far too much makeup. All the dolls are made the same, including her girlfriends. The reality is the doll is not anything like a real-life person, so it will be interesting to see just who will play the toy in the new movie.

Sony and Mattel have teamed up to bring the Barbie movie to theaters around the world very soon. It is not just one movie either. There are plans for a franchise, according to reports that work on the first movie will begin at the end of the year.

The current idea is to make it a comedy, and there are possibilities that the character will become an assistant for an overworked bureaucrat. This could lead to yet more complaints about her choice of job by placing her in a stereotypical woman’s job. Of course, this is the way the toy is usually shown in various CGI films over the years, including the most recent Barbie: The Pearl Princess.

President of Production for Columbia Pictures, Hannah Minghella, defended the decision to make a movie around the iconic toy. She stated that there are many stories that they can tell, and many different outcomes. She also defended the decision to keep her in a stereotypical woman’s role because of the preference to capture everything that has made Barbie who she is.

It is very likely that the movies will have the traditional comedy, chick-flick storylines, but with the toy as the main character. It will be the name that helps it sell more than anything else. What little girl would not want to see a movie with this doll in it?

Arguably, when the toy first hit the market in 1959, it was more than just for fashion. She stood for the empowerment of women. That just seems to have been lost over the years, especially with the controversy surrounding her looks. Maybe there is hope that a movie franchise will help bring that original meaning back.

People have mixed opinions about the decision for the franchise. However, it is going to happen. Barbie really will come to movie theaters soon.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



The Hollywood Reporter


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