Batman Vs Superman: Role of Cyborg Cast

Batman Vs Superman: Role of Cyborg Cast The role of Cyborg in the upcoming, as yet to be named Zack Snyder-directed Batman Vs Superman movie has been cast, according to multiple reports. The joint Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment collaboration is due out on May 6, 2016, the same day thatCaptain America 3 will also be hitting the theaters.

The role of Cyborg will be played by Ray Fisher, a New York actor who convincingly played a young Muhammad Ali in the popular play “Fetch Clay, Make Man.”

The superhero Cyborg was Victor Stone in his former life, a football star in high school until a devastating accident turned his life life around. Though his role in the upcoming movie is reportedly small, it’s one which will serve as a teaser for other movies where his part will be bigger.

A lot of DC Comics superheroes and super villains will be introduced in the Man of Steel sequel that many are calling Batman Vs Superman. That’s because it is rumored that it will serve as a lead-in to other DC comics flicks, like a proposed Justice League of America series and maybe a series featuring the Teen Titans.

Cyborg has been a long-standing character in the Teen Titan DC comic book series. Also, in 2011, Cyborg became the founding member of the Justice League of America when DC Entertainment renamed its line of comic books the New 52.

Warner Brothers began advertising a few months ago that they needed a black actor who was physically fit for a role in Batman Vs Superman. Ray Fisher tried out for the part, and got it. The role of Cyborg was briefly hinted at in the movie Man of Steel, when screenwriter David S. Goyer included a mention of S.T.A.R. Labs, which Stone’s parents owned.

In the DC comics origin story of Cyborg, after Victor Stone becomes horribly injured in an accident that occurs during an experiment at S.T.A.R. Labs, his dad develops the mechanical prosthetics that saves Victor’s life and transforms him into the superhero Cyborg.

Other Casting News for Batman Vs Superman

Already well-known is the news that Batman in Batman Vs Superman will be played by Ben Affleck. This casting choice has been roundly criticized by many fans, though Affleck might end up doing a good job playing the Caped Crusader — it could happen.

Also, another character whose role has been filled is that of Wonder Woman. The Amazon Princess will be played by Gal Gadot. How crucial her role will be in Batman Vs Superman is, as yet, unknown.

British actor Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman, and Jeremy Irons will be playing the role of Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred. Superman’s archenemy, Lex Luther, will be played by Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network). Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Holly Hunter are other actresses who are confirmed to be appearing in the movie.

Other characters have reportedly been cast, but Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have so far been successful at keeping the news about who the characters are and who has been cast to play them under wraps.

The Man of Steel 2 (aka Batman Vs Superman) movie looks like it could turn out to be a major hit for Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment.

However, the movie will be competing against Captain America 3, and with Captain America: The Winter Warrior currently the number one movie at the box office, the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed movie Batman Vs Superman is sure to have a tough challenge beating it in May 2016.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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