Beyonce Graces the Cover of Time Magazine 100 Most Influential Issue


There has been no denying the influential year that Super-Star Beyonce is having and now Time Magazine has anointed the “Sasha Fierce” singer with the cover of its “Most Influential” issue. The honor further solidifies the position for an entertainer who is powerful and someone who can certainly garner attention.

When Beyonce sings, people listen and respond. This is evident in her shocking move late last year to release a full album, along with videos, with absolutely no marketing or industry buzz. The December 2013 release was done exclusively on-line through iTunes resulting in overwhelming excitement and response from fans who clamored to purchase the album. The singer’s recent musical offering resulted in record sales in excess of 80-thousand copies in its first three hours of release, the No. 1 spot on the Billboard-200 and over 600-thousand units sold in its first week. This latest album release locked in the “Queen B’s” best-performing album debut of her career. To add a cherry to the proverbial cake the album, simply called “Beyonce“, was also praised by the critics.

Making the cover of Time Magazine 100 Most Influential issue is just another honor for the Houston-born singer who appears to be having it all. From her humble beginnings with the trio musical group Destiny’s Child, Beyonce graces stages such as in her recent sell-out “Mrs. Carter” concert world tour. The star is also a wife to Hip-Hop mogul, Shawn “Jay-Z’ Carter and mother to a 2 year-old, Blue Ivy Carter.

Since its first published list in 1999, The Time Magazine 100 Most Influential list is composed of not just entertainers and artists but people in the world of politics, sports and academia as well as scientists, heroes, icons and revolutionaries. While the list has been known to spark debates and controversy, editors at Time Magazine make it known that those on the list are recognized for their ability to change the world, whether through fame or infamy, and despite the nature of their actions. Editors at Time profile people who either through deliberate or indeliberate actions have shifted the consciousness of the culture not only here in America but around the globe.

While Beyonce graces the cover, inside the pages of the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential issue which now hits newsstands are a list of thought-provokers who have, in their own way, influenced and made a significant impact on the world and the marketplace. Those making the list include the headline-grabbing and controversial Miley Cyrus, American Economist Janet Yellen, Apple gadget inventor Tony Fadell and record producer now musical front-man who has shown the world how to be “Happy“, Pharrell Williams. In the past, names on the list have included the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin, The Dalai Lama and President Barack Obama, to name just a few.

As for Beyonce, the 32 year-old singer, song-writer, actress, producer, mother and wife, locking the cover and being among the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential is just another notch in the belt of a renaissance woman who is taking her influential talents and being a game-changer.  She is changing popular culture by demonstrating how to sell millions of records with zero marketing support from a record label and what it really means to be an all-out Super-Star!

Opinion by Hal Banfield