‘Big Brother’ Wannabe Is Not Allowed to Compete on Show

Big BrotherA Big Brother wannabe who announced she was having an abortion to appear on the show will not be allowed to compete. It is a step in the right direction after the backlash on social media when the idea first made the news.

Josie Cunningham made headlines when she made it clear that she wanted to abort her pregnancy four months into it just so she could appear on the reality TV show. She was even shortlisted by Channel 5 to make an appearance. However, the show’s producers have given into the backlash the 23-year-old fame-hungry woman received from many others.

During an interview, the wannabe glamor model said that she did not want to ruin the chances of becoming famous when she was so close. If that was the case, why did she put herself into a position to have a child in the first place? If her career was that important to her, she should have done everything in her power to prevent a pregnancy occurring rather than work around the consequences in the way she believes best for her. The 23-year-old admitted in British publication the Sunday Mirror that this time next year she would be “driving a bright pink Range Rover” instead of having a baby.

It is a ridiculous idea that aborting her baby would be the best way to further her career. Luckily, the Big Brother producers have agreed with that, and sources close to them state that the wannabe will not be allowed to compete on the show. They cannot accept the backlash that will happen if they go against the majority of the population.

It is likely that the network bosses are really thinking about what will work best for Big Brother. While they say they cannot consider paying the wannabe glamor model for aborting her baby, there is also the fact that the TV show is struggling with the ratings. Just a few years ago Channel 4 cancelled the program because people were fed up of watching the high maintenance, over-the-top celebrity wannabes appearing on the show. Compared to the first couple of seasons, there was no entertainment value anymore and even the number of people wanting to get onto the show had reduced considerably.

Unfortunately, there is an argument for the people in the pro-choice camp. This is not to do with Cunningham going on Big Brother, but the fact that the baby could be put at harm if the 23-year-old does not want the child. There is the other argument that the child could be placed into social care and at least get the chance to live.

It is more the reason for the abortion that has riled up so many people. The headlines led to a petition to stop the glamor model from going on the show. Even celebrities got involved, and the producers definitely listened in. However, sources do insist that the chances were slim at best, suggesting that she was never going to get on the show in the first place. Whatever the reasons, the Big Brother producers have made it clear that the wannabe star will not be allowed to appear on the show whether or not she has the abortion.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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