Bob Hoskins Passes Away at 71

Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame, passed away yesterday, April 30, 2014, surrounded by family according to his publicist. Apparently he had been suffering with pneumonia, and lost his battle last night, as the ailment won out. He is best known for Eddie Valiant in the Roger rabbit movie, playing the gruff and lovable detective trying to solve the cartoon character crime. He has also appeared in a number of other notable movies such as Mr. Smee in Hook, where he plays a lovable yet wrong side of good character that captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Another notable role was his portrayal of  Muir in Snow White and the Huntsman opposite Kristen Stewart. This was the last film he did prior to receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, which led him to retire in 2012. This British actor has won awards for his acting, and played in many notable TV shows and films, here and in Britain, until his retirement.

Bob Hoskins

Hoskins was born in Suffolk to his mother who was a nursery school teacher and his father, who was a bookkeeper. A family of modest means he did not grow up in the traditional sense, as work was more important than schooling. He dropped out of school at 15 but remained passionate about literature, which was instilled in him by a favorite teacher. He always had a dream of appearing on stage and stumbled into his dream job by being mistaken for a person who was at the theater to audition, when he was actually just there with a friend. As he watched the auditions, he found himself holding a script, and being told that he was up next. He got the part at that audition, and after being somewhat successful in theater he decided to expand into TV and played many roles through out the early to mid-70’s. At just 71 Bob Hoskins passing is being felt through out Hollywood, as they mourn the loss of a great man.

In the late 70’s he scored a TV series, Pennies from Heaven where he played a salesman, and this is what brought him to his successful string of movies that followed. Playing a gruff but lovable character he had found his niche in the industry, and he played it well. He won a BAFTA award and Golden Globe for his role in Mona Lisa in 1986, and a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He did better than most at balancing acting with his home life, and found some limited success at directing films also. He was known to play the tough guy with a twist, a big heart, and that endeared him to his fans.

Bob leaves behind a wife and four children, and his fans will mourn the loss of a great man and a great talent. Bob Hoskins was a great actor and at just 71 his fans had hoped to see him come out of retirement, but sadly, he has passed away. He will be remembered fondly not only here in the US but across the pond, where he got his start.

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