Bomber Fooled by Daylight Saving Time Injures Himself


A bomber in Ireland was fooled by Daylight Saving Time and ended up injuring himself, but the reason of the incident is still unknown. The police believe that the man who attached the bomb to the car of a local businessman forgot about the Daylight Saving Time, which caused the bomb to go off earlier and injure him, but the reason why he resorted to the violent action remains unknown. Dublin police are investigating whether the bomber’s decision has anything do with a love triangle.

The 21-year-old suspect involved in a bomb attack in Dublin remained in hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries and he will be arrested immediately after he is discharged. City police concluded that the bomber was fooled by Daylight Saving Time and ended up injuring himself, even though his target was a local businessman with no criminal past. The owner of the Volvo SUV which should have exploded after the bomber left the area runs a business in the zone and has never had legal problems. When contacted by Mirror, he refused to comment.

A source said that the attacker must have “got his timings wrong,” the Mirror reported. The same unnamed person also mentioned that the explosive used in the bomb which injured the man who attached it to the SUV was “high-grade” and could have killed anyone who “had been in the car or walking near it at the time.” The bomb went off sooner that the bomber expected, which injured him badly.

The Herald found out that right after the explosion, the injured man fled in the direction of New and Clanbrassil Streets, but bumped into lamp posts and parked cars, which indicate that he was blinded by the blast. A witness told the publication that the bomber was bleeding from his wounds and his head was “roaring red,” but he managed to wrap part of his clothing around both his arm and hand before jumping in a taxi. Dublin police later examined the taxi for bloodstains and handprints.

The Irish police are investigating if the bomber was indeed fooled by Daylight Saving Time and forgot to set the time accordingly, which is why he ended up injuring himself. Neighbors on Long Lane in Dublin’s South Inner City stated that they heard the explosion at around 11 p.m. on Sunday near the old Meath Hospital and a man was seen stumbling from the scene and hopping into a taxi. Unnamed sources believe that the bomber had no idea that the explosive was so powerful, which is why he injured himself so badly. No results have been offered yet with regard to the SUV owner’s involvement, but one of the leads suggests that a gang might be connected to the incident. The 21-year-old suspect is under close surveillance and, even though the injuries are not life threatening, he will remain in the hospital until he recovers.

The bomber fooled by Daylight Saving Time injured himself after setting a bomb under a SUV belonging to a local businessman. It is believed that the man forgot to set time correctly, which caused the bomb to go off earlier than he might have expected.

By Gabriela Motroc



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