Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston Writing Autobiography

Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston Writing Autobiography
Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston will be writing his autobiography. This book, or memoir, has come about because of his award winning performance as Walter White, chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin. There was, of course, much more to White than just using his knowledge of chemistry to develop a very pure version of methamphetamine.

White was also a man cheated out of a fortune by his former partners, the loving husband of Skyler, and devoted father to his two children. His alias was Heisenberg and Vince Gilligan followed the meth maker in his journey from “nice guy” everyman to dedicated criminal capable of murder.

Bryan Cranston’s book is scheduled to be published by Scribner around fall 2015 and an audio edition will be made available at the same time by Simon & Schuster Audio. There has been no announcement of whether or not Cranston will be reading his memoir on the audio edition.

The actor’s publisher released a statement on Thursday revealing the news of Cranston’s book. The memoir will tell of his career and how he got into acting and just how life-changing his being cast as Walter White was.

In a statement, the 58 year-old actor has said that he will tell the stories about his life and unveil the secrets as well as the lies about the six years that he spent working on Breaking Bad. Hopefully Bryan Cranston will also use his autobiography to speak of his other, earlier roles.

Cranston had success in another television series, Malcolm in the Middle as Hal, the father of Malcolm and husband of Lois. This comedy ran for seven seasons and established Bryan as a top hand in the world of comedic acting. Information about this part of his career may be either glossed over or omitted according to Nan Graham, Scribner publisher.

Graham has said that Bryan writes like he acts. She says he is committed, funny and intelligent and that he’ll reveal a lot about the craft of acting as well as his work as Walter White. Right now, Cranston is working on the Broadway show All the Way which is based on Lyndon B. Johnson.

Bryan Cranston started working as an actor in 1968 with a role on the television soap One Life to Live and he has 131 credits to his name as an actor. Two of which are due out in 2015. The vast majority of roles played by the Breaking Bad star have been comedic. He has, however, played “straight” or serious roles as well.

The actor was the “big bad” Cohaagen in the Total Recall remake opposite Colin Farrell in 2012 and in Argo, 2013 he played Jack O’Donnell who was Ben Affleck’s character’s boss in the C.I.A.

Of course these roles may not have been offered to Bryan Cranston if he had not played Walter White in the AMC drama Breaking Bad, and it will be interesting to see if he says this when he’s writing his autobiography. It will be disappointing if he does not read the audio version of his memoir. Who else could give the right amount of Heisenberg delivery to the “I am the one who knocks…” After all, a memoir about his working as the meth kingpin would have to quote this brilliant line.

By Michael Smith


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