Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers, Can They Reconcile

Green Bay PackersEveryone in Packer land has an opinion on what happened between the Green Bay Packers and Favre. Thompson, Executive Vice President of the team, and Brett Favre were unable to come to an agreement after the 2007 season. The deal left a bad taste for a lot of fans, wondering why Thompson would let their favorite player go. Well, fans, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers are looking to reconcile the past and hopefully this will bring Favre back home where he belongs, Packer land.

After the intense loss of Favre, the fans were faced with an unknown in Aaron Rodgers, wondering if he could measure up to the legendary status Favre incurred during his tenure as the gun slinger quarterback. Rodgers was not to disappoint and was able to bring the Packers to the Super Bowl in the 2010-2011 season. He has had the team in the playoff all but one year, 2009, and has won the division multiple times. It should be said, he did play behind Favre so what else could be expected.

Green Bay PackersBack to Favre though. The player that Favre was is undeniable, one of the best to ever play. He kept the game exciting and kept his fans on the edge of their seats. Packer’s fans knew that until the game was over, with Brett Favre on the field, they had a chance to win no matter the score.

Fans were able to watch Favre not only on the field, but the ups and downs in his life. He became a part of their family, a household name. They worried about him, were proud of him, and on Sunday became almost crazy in their support for him. When Favre had a little problem with the ole pain killers, Fans stepped out in his defense. When Favre’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, fans feared the worst for his family. When his father passed, fans were sick with grief and yet the star went out and gave himself to the field, the fans, and showed his father proud. When Favre left the team, fans hearts broke. At the time it was hard to imagine a  Packer game without the exciting play of Favre but one thing is for sure, he played the game because he loved it and it showed. The hope is that reconciliation between the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre is not only possible but probable.

Favre left Green Bay with a number of records, a three time MVP, held nearly every significant NFL career passing records, and who can forget that he didn’t miss a game for 253 straight, 275 if one includes his playoff games. Not to mention the unforgettable way he started on the team, the first pass completed by the star, who was it to, anyone? Yes, his first NFL completion was to himself for a loss of 7 yards against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Green Bay PackersSo the prospect of Favre returning to Lambeau Field is one of excitement and hopefulness. Mark Murphy of the Packers has said that the door is open for Brett Favre to return. While no word as to when that might happen, the hope is that Favre will return to Lambeau before his induction into the Hall of Fame which he becomes eligible for in 2016. It is almost a shoe-in for him to receive the induction on his first year of eligibility.

An attempt to have Favre return last year was not quite realized due to the coaching position he held at the time. It is not clear but the report is that Favre will be stepping down from that position, which leaves him open to return to Green Bay. There is no doubt that the Packer fans want to see Favre back. The question is how long he will make them wait before he returns home. It is sure to be a reunion that will make even the most hard core manly fan blush like a school girl. The reconciliation is long awaited from all involved; including fans, the Green Bay Packers and surely  Brett Favre. So Favre,  the fans are calling for their favorite guns slinger to come home.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

NBC Sports

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