British Shopping Center Creates ‘Fast Lane’ for Shoppers, Who Is Next?

MeadowhallA British shopping center has created two lanes, a fast and slow lane, for shoppers, and the question is who is next? It all started because a 10-year-old girl wrote to the center to complain about being stuck behind slow people.

Sometimes there is nothing worse than being stuck behind a slow-coach. Most know just where they want to go, but find it difficult to get there because of those who are just browsing in the shop windows or are struggling to walk. There is nothing wrong with being slow, as long as it does not stop others from getting on with their day. It can be extremely frustrating for those who are on their lunch breaks or in a genuine rush to get in and out.

Chloe Nash-Lowe was so frustrated that she decided to write to the British Meadowhall Shopping Center after her experience. The director of the mall, Darren Pearce, loved the letter so much that he decided it was time to trial the two lane process. It is similar to a highway, where there is a lane for those wishing to “overtake.”

This is still a relatively new trial, so there is no indication over whether it will work. There are a few flaws already seen within the system. However, many are questioning just who is next after the British shopping center has decided to announce the “fast lane” creation.

One of the biggest flaws is the system for overtaking. The walkways are split in half, which does not quiet answer the problem for people walking in either direction. It could cause more problems for those walking in opposite directions. It can already be a hassle for people walking towards a stream of others going in the opposite direction. There is also a case of trying to cross the flow of “traffic” while getting to shops on the other side. Of course, this is really only going to be a problem during the peak shopping times at the weekend and Christmas.

Meadowhall Shopping Center gets extremely busy in the run up to Christmas, so it will be interesting to see if having two lanes still works then. Pearce has not stated how long the trial will go on for, so it may not even be there by the time Christmas 2014 rolls around.

In the 10-year-old’s letter, she notes how it can be dangerous for people in the shopping center as they try to get around the slow walkers. There has been no concern for those walking in opposite directions.

It also seems like a letter her parents have dictated to her. One of the reasons for her frustrations was that people are in a rush for work. At 10-years-old she is not going to be rushing around to work. Her frustration would be getting into her favorite store quickly so she can spend her pocket-money.

However, it seems the letter has done the trick. The new plan is already in force for trialling. The question now is who will be next since the British shopping center has decided to create the “fast lane for shoppers.”

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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