‘Bud and Breakfast’ in Colorado

bud and breakfast

Colorado is certainly making the most of their new marijuana laws, and why not? It is another way to create dollars, jobs and extremely hungry residents. Now that citizens of the “Rocky Mountain High” state are free to buy, sell and consume cannabis products, there are certainly enough profiteers ready to turn a buck. First there was the buzz of a Colorado marijuana “reviewer” who would let consumers know all the interesting nuances of the available, local varieties. There was also the announcement of a Japanese restaurant that actually offers “weed and food pairings.” Earlier this week, fans of “Mary Jane” were delighted to hear about vending machines that dispense all sorts of packaged pot goods to cravers. Now, in the continuation of this economic boost, Colorado is unveiling its first locale billed as a “bud and breakfast,” where guest can sleep, dine and get really, really high.

In the first of what is most likely to be many other pot-friendly hotels to come from The MaryJane Group (who else), the company has just announced it will be revamping Denver, Colorado’s Adagio Bed and Breakfast – soon to become a “bud and breakfast.” This coming May, travelers seeking comfortable lodgings, decent food and good quality cannabis can rest their laurels at this not-so-new locale. The original structure is among many other Victorian-style buildings which have been around for over 100 years. Moreover, it has been well-established as an acceptable venue for marijuana enthusiasts. According to the new director of lodging, Dawn Schiermeyer “… the previous owner… allowed it to be 420-friendly but… she didn’t advertise it.” It seems the Adagio Bed and Breakfast has just the right qualities for The MaryJane Group to make a smooth transition into it becoming a more youthful and modern era concept. Helen Strader, who has been proprietor of the Adagio is “… pleased to be involved with The MaryJane Group and applaud their innovative plan… “

What will go and what will stay? At this point, it seems there will be a huge overhaul with all the Victorian-era trimmings being cleared out for a new, hip look. Each room will be remodeled, and there will be a humidor for pot smokers on one of the levels. Moreover, all guests can expect to find “edibles” available from a local dispensary. This is aside from the culinary offerings to come to Colorado’s first “bud and breakfast.” There will be an in-house chef available to make food items and meals cooked-to-order. According to Schiermeyer, “We’ll begin with a basic breakfast menu and then expand to lunch and dinner options.”

Although The MaryJane Group will be introducing Colorado residents to its first all-inclusive “bud and breakfast,” it is not the only company to provide pot-friendly lodgings. There is Get High Getaways, a clothing-optional, pot-themed locale that bills itself as “Denver’s coolest bed and breakfast.” Then, there is the Cliff House Lodge,  with “off-the-beaten-path” cottages which provide an environment for guests to freely enjoy cannabis. The president and CEO of The MaryJane Group recently stated that the new Adagio Bud and Breakfast is “our pilot project in the marijuana-friendly lodging industry. If our concept is successful, we intend to expand through the leasing or acquisition of additional inns and bed and breakfast establishments.”

Opinion by Josh Taub

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