Bullying Is Not a Joke, Stories of the Bullied


Bullying is one of the hot topics in the schools across the United States, and there is a good reason why. Many children do not realize that bullying is not a joke and everyone needs to be accepted and appreciated in the same manner as others. A new study showed that not only the infamous kids and the nerds are bullied; the famous and the successful do, too. The National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC) constantly gets stories of the bullied.

One of the newest stories at NBPC of an anonymous writer says that she’s been traveling the world, was exposed to a lot of cultures, and had a lot of appreciation for diversity. After her returning to America, she got a scholarship to a prestigious school. The reaction of her classmates was troublesome and he became a misfit. She was called by different names, such as “rat,” “hood,” “dirt” and others. A girl told her that in order for her to fit, she had to cut her hair. Instead, that caused more trouble, and she was more bullied than ever before. The parents put her in another school where there was more diversity, but instead, she was seen as the “white rich kid.” She was constantly kicked, hit, choked, and called “white rich school.” Finally, when the parents got divorced, she lost the scholarship, and she thought she was finally going to be a fit, until a boy pinned her down in eight grade and got expelled from the school. As a result of her experiences, she was diagnosed with PSTD and anxiety symptoms. After years of being afraid to tell her story, she realized that she wasn’t alone. She wants everyone to know that bullying is not a joke, it is harmful and it take a lot to bring out the stories of the bullied.

Another confession of a fourteen year old girl Megan says that she’s been bullied her entire life and called ugly. Her dream is for people to show love, sympathy and to forget about exposing pain to others. She’s inspired to make a difference in the world by showing love and compassion.

A lot of celebrities in fact were bullied because they were either beautiful, but called “ugly,” or too successful for the environment. Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar winner, admitted that she was the infamous girl in middle school and that built her tough character. Steven Spielberg was a nerd in school, as he said in the show 60 Minutes.

Studies show that there is a strong link between bullying and suicide. Attention has been drawn around the globe, the studies say. The parents may see “children only as children,” but it cannot be tolerated because it could cause a serious problem. The results of the statistics were alarming – suicide is the third cause of death, with 4,400 deaths per year. 14 percent of high school students think about suicide, 7 percent attempt it. Bullied victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to attempt a suicide, and at least half of suicides in Great Britain are due to bullying. Girls age 10-14 may be most likely bullied. 160 000 children every day don’t go to school because of fear for being bullied.

Adults that have been bullied still remember their unwanted experiences. A 36-year-old man David said that when he was 7, he was bullied after a fight with his friend. The next day at school, he was the center of attention and he was insulted in many ways for the next five years. No adult was here to listen to his story, no counseling and protection was available. A 7-year-old is not capable of understanding what to do to eliminate this problem, he says. He’s been thinking of suicide for 9 years.

Bullying is not a joke – it is a serious problem. Children need to listen to the stories of the bullied and apply those second-hand experiences to their everyday use. Everyone deserves love and compassion, and if the bullies still don’t listen, seek help and don’t tolerate it.

By Marija Makeska

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