California State Fun and Funny Laws


California, rumored to possibly be one of the most frequently visited tourist vacation locations aside from Florida, may have some of the most breathtaking views and hottest hangouts on the west coast of the United States. With a population count of approximately 40 million residents, one would assume there is never a shortage of places to go, things to see, and last but not least, trouble to get into. California’s diverse population may be what actually makes the Golden State as interesting as it is rumored to be. Along with a diverse climate, many enjoy the variety of seasons that can be enjoyed depending on what location one decides to venture into. With 45 percent of California’s land presumed to be covered in forestry, the state may have created some of the most funniest state laws for those who are not living in on of these forests.

For starters, it has been said that it is illegal for a woman to drive in the state of California wearing only a bath robe. Should an individual ever decided to eat an orange in the bathtub in the state of California, as funny as it may seem, that individual would actually be considered to be breaking the law. For those who are scared to death of a mouse running through the house, it may be wise to be prepared to set another plan to catch the little rodent instead of setting a mousetrap; it is illegal to set a mousetrap unless an individual can provide proof of a hunting license. If an individual is set to appear in court as a witness, hopefully this individual is not highly responsive to emotional situations. In California, it is considered to be illegal for an individual to cry while on the witness stand. Although Hollywood has been known to be the place to be for seeing the most fascinating sights that only a tourist can appreciate, expecting to see anything more than two thousand sheep being driven down Hollywood Boulevard may not be possible since it is illegal to do so.

A few more odd laws that may seem fun yet funny in throughout the state of California although may not seem all that serious enough to literally make into a forbidden law. For example, in Lafayette, it is forbidden to spit on the ground if one is located at least five feet of another person. In Glendale, it is illegal to drive motor vehicles in reverse. In Los Angeles, it has been said that it is illegal to hunt moths under a street light. It is also assumed to be illegal in Los Angeles to allow inflated metal balloons to be set free into the air. With all the different cultures living throughout the state of California, it may be safe to say why the laws in this state seem to be considered the most bizarre in order to keep the peace among the citizens. However, one would have to take a closer look into some of these to actually find out if they are all really necessary.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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