Captain America Chris Evans Not Retiring After All

captain americaChris Evans, the face that will forever be Captain America, set Hollywood ablaze last week with a statement made during an interview where he said that he would be retiring from acting after his contract with Marvel ended, which is not true after all. Evans, out promoting his new film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, said in a recent interview that he feels “silly” for stating that he had lost interest in being in front of the camera and only wanted to focus on establishing a career in the director’s chair.

During the interview, Evans clarified that he simply wanted to put much more emphasis on working behind the scenes rather than just being an actor, adding that he enjoyed the opportunity he had last year to direct a film. He went on to state that acting, outside of his contract with Marvel, would take up a large portion of his time, making it difficult to work on directing, so he has decided that if he is going to be in front of the camera, it is only going to be for Marvel so that he can focus on directorial opportunities.

Evans has turned himself into a household name thanks to his portrayal of Captain America, and has also managed to catapult the character to the forefront of pop culture, which is why it seemed hard to believe he would consider retiring, but thankfully, this ended up not being true after all. While the superhero leading man only has a few more films left on his initial contract, the idea of retiring hung a cloud over the heads of Marvel fans, as his departure from acting would mean Captain America would either be killed off or recast, which is a real bummer for those who have bought into Evan’s take on the character.

With the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier set for this Friday, there is little doubt that the film will rule the U.S. box office the same way it has dominated internationally. The film will play a major role in setting things up for next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is sure to be even more epic in scope than its predecessor. With the introduction of the Winter Soldier, many are speculating that after the third installment in the Captain America series the character of Steve Rogers may be killed off, and Bucky Barnes, returning to the scene as a good guy, might take up the shield in his place.  The fact that Sebastian Stan, the actor who plays the Winter Soldier, recently signed a nine-film contract with Marvel seems to lend some credibility to this idea, but only time will tell if this is the direction the studio will take with the story.

Chris Evans has proven he has the ability to shine in front of the camera, and his work in the director chair looks promising as well. Those who are fans of his work in Marvel films should be thrilled by the news that the star is going to stick things out a bit longer with the studio, and who knows, he may end up signing an additional contract to keep working as the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan for many years to come.

by Michael Cantrell

New York Daily News
KERO-23 News

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