Chris Brown Self-Destructive Actions Worsen Legal Problems

brownChris Brown is seriously feeling the heat from his worsening legal problems resulting from his self-destructive actions that are constantly causing problems for him. The star has a track record of altercations that started with his assault on then girlfriend, Rihanna in 2009. This, along with his recent arrest for assault, has caused him a lot more trouble than he bargained for.

Brown has been in the media time after time for questionable behavior, and although details of events and faults weren’t always clear, his actions are consistently self-destructive. After his arrest for the Rihanna assault, he was put on probation for five years and sentenced to 1400 hours of labor-oriented community service. This long probation, besides the singer’s own actions, is a large factor in his continuing issues. Getting into more legal trouble while on probation means compounded issues that continue and can snowball out of control.

In March 2011 Brown reportedly threw a chair through a glass window after he was angered about being questioned again about the Rihanna incident on Good Morning America. Although there were no known legal ramifications, he continued to let his emotions get the best of him and cast himself in a negative light for the public.
In June 2012, Brown was involved in an altercation with rapper Drake at a New York City nightclub which was allegedly started by Drake and his entourage. Injuries were sustained by the singer and several club-goers, but no arrests occurred from the fight. Although many accounts claim Drake and his entourage started the fight, Brown having any involvement in another physical altercation could be misconstrued by the public. The stars were able to leave the scene of the altercation before police arrived.

The self-destructive actions of Chris Brown threatened to worsen his legal problems again in January 2013, when he was involved in a conflict with Frank Ocean outside of a recording studio in Los Angeles. The fight was over a parking spot. It began when Ocean told the young star that he’d taken his spot and he tried to shake his hand, which Ocean refused. Then Brown punched him in the face and their respective crews began to fight. After a misdemeanor battery investigation was opened, Ocean decided not to press charges. Ocean’s cousin who was involved in the incident and seeking a civil suit against Brown, dropped that as well.
In 2013 there were allegations that there were fraudulently reported times done for the singer’s court-ordered community service. Since discrepancies were found, he was ordered to do his service in LA instead of his home state of Virginia.

Brown’s probation from the Rihanna incident was revoked after he was charged with hit-and-run after a car accident that occured in May 2013. According to the woman whose vehicle he rear-ended, he “went ballistic” and cursed at her when she starting taking pictures to document the accident, because Brown wouldn’t show her his driver’s license. In the end, the charges were dropped and his probation was reinstated, but with an added 1,000 hours of community service. The woman reportedly got money from her insurance company.

In October 2013, Brown and his bodyguard were arrested in Washington D.C. on assault charges, for allegedly punching a man. After he was released from jail he voluntarily entered rehab, but after only a few days he was kicked out of the program. According to a letter from the rehab center, he threw a rock through his mother’s car window. He was emotional because she wanted him to stay in treatment.

A judge then ordered Brown to enter a 90-day anger-management and drug rehab program. In December 2013, his probation was revoked again. He completed the ordered program, and because of his substantial progress, instead of being remanded to police custody, was ordered to remain at the facility until his hearing on April 23. This hearing will establish whether or not Brown’s October arrest was a violation of his probation.

The good behavior was not to last. On March 14, he was kicked out of the rehab facility for three rule violations, and put in jail. His trial for the DC assault charge is scheduled for April 17. He will be extradited from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. by way of the prisoner airline “Con-Air.” He is now in the custody of federal marshals. His “Con-Air” trip will entail stops at other prisons, other government planes, with layovers in different jails.

Brown made a decision in October 2013 to turn down a plea deal in which he would have had to plead guilty to simple assault, a misdemeanor. Prosecutors in the case are now trying to take the case to the grand jury because they think that there is enough evidence to support a felony prosecution. The singer could be facing more jail time.
The more that Chris Brown’s actions cause self-destruction and worsening legal problems, the more clear it is that self-control is vitally important, even more so when the public is constantly watching, and judging.

Opinion by Twanna Harps


LA Times

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