College Senior Killed by New York Taxis

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New York City taxis have never had, what many would consider, a reputation for safety. However, one could spend a lifetime using the infamous yellow cab services without ever suffering from harm. By the same token, it only takes one random trip to “The Big Apple” for tragedy to strike. This was the unfortunate case for a New Jersey resident who was visiting the city for job interviews. The Boston College senior, 22-year-old Kelly Gordon, was killed after being struck by two New York City taxis while attempting to cross the street.

Hailing from Brielle, New Jersey, Gordon was nearing the end of her time at Boston College, where she majored in marketing and finance. She had come to New York with her sister, who was with her and another male friend at the time. Gordon was apparently attempting to cross the street around 11:30pm Thursday evening on the Upper East Side. A witness reportedly saw Gordon exit one cab, just before being struck by two others.

The tragedy occurred on York Avenue at 84th street. Although, this is not particularly known for being one of the busier streets in Manhattan, it can be treacherous for pedestrians as its hilly nature can hinder the view. According to police, the college senior was hit and ultimately killed by two New York City taxis traveling in opposite directions.

As Gordon allegedly attempted to jaywalk across the street, she was first hit by a cab driving southbound on York Avenue. The high impact of that collision knocked her into the other side of the road, where she was struck once again by a taxi headed in the opposite direction.  One witness, Joel Okpala, was near the scene and said Gordon “… came out of the cab and the cab hit her and another one hit her.” Another anonymous witness who apparently works in the area attempted to help at the scene. He claims to have rushed to the site: “… She looked horrible, there was blood coming from her nose, you could tell she wasn’t going to make it.” He reported to have seen the college senior’s shoe on one side of the street while her purse lay on the other.

Gordon was rushed, unconscious, to New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She later died, most likely due to head trauma. According to reports, both drivers of the vehicles remained at the scene of the incident. So far, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

Kelly Gordon had been studying at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, was set to graduate this year. Now, in a tragic twist of fate, this young, unsuspecting college senior has been killed by two New York City taxis. Barb Jones, vice president for student affairs at the college sent an email out to students and staff outlining the tragedy and that steps had been taken to alert friends and roommates. In her e-mail, she asked the Boston College community: “… to keep Kelly and her family in your thoughts and prayers and to support each other during this difficult time.”

By Josh Taub

NBC New York


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