Columbus Short to Exit Scandal

31-year-old actor Columbus Short has chosen to walk away from the hit television series Scandal. He has worked with the show for three years. Short was playing Olivia Pope’s right hand man Harrison Wright. He released a statement just recently confirming his departure from the show.

Short’s publicist released this statement Friday confirming the circulating rumors. “At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for three years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television right now.” He followed that by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity, and understanding that everything must come to an end. In closing, he had well wishes for Shonda, Kerry and the entire cast. He feels as if they all became a family over the years.

At this point, it is not clear why he chose to leave many believe it stems from his looming legal issues. Short has found himself in a world of trouble with the current accusation of threats and abuse.

Just weeks prior to his abrupt departure from Scandal Short’s wife filed for a divorce and an order of protection against him. Tanee Short claims that her husband threatened to kill her with a knife and then kill himself. A sworn statement from his wife details the incident as a drunken rage.

She alleges her husband threatened to hit her with a wine bottle seconds before dumping it on her. Tanee continues by saying how he choked her while holding a kitchen knife closely to her throat. She persists that he demanded she play a game called “Truth or Truth.”

These damaging accusations are currently being investigated. However, Tanee Short has made additional reports of domestic violence. Plus, Short has been booked on multiple charges pertaining to violence in the past three months. His consecutive run-ins with the law will defiantly affect the outcome of his legal battle.

Some question the validity of these current accusations, but a judge has agreed to a temporary restraining order until May 6. At this point, he is not allowed to see his estranged wife or their 2-year-old daughter. Short is considered dangerous after all of his prior acts of violence against Tanee and others.

The Stomp The Yard actor is more than likely taking a break from Hollywood to focus on his personal life. With the countless accusations, and pending charges against him he has no time for the show Scandal. Short’s life has become a real life scandal that even Olivia Pope could not fix.

Even amidst what seems to be a major set back in his life he does not seem to be broken. Short has maintained his innocence, and is patiently waiting for his day in court to resolve this matter. In a statement released by CNN, Short said he would be willing to give his side of the story. However, he has been instructed by counsel not to talk about the incident. He realizes how hard it will be to keep quiet due to the current circumstances, but he has vowed to refrain from doing so.

By Schelett Rickenbacker



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