Craig Ferguson Planning to Leave ‘Late Late Show’, CBS Considering New Host

Craig Ferguson Planning to Leave 'Late Late Show', CBS Considering New Host

Craig Ferguson is planning to leave his late night stand-up comedy show on CBS, the ‘Late Late Show’ this coming December. The funnyman has been with the show since 2005, but announced on Monday (last night) that he plans to sign off of the 12:30 a.m. program at the end of this year. The comedian’s network, CBS, is already considering new hosts for the show.

Even with Craig Ferguson planning to leave the ‘Late Late Show’ and CBS considering new hosts, the network has made it abundantly clear that one host they do not want to hire as a replacement for him is comedienne Chelsea Handler, as she has been poking fun at the network on social media. Handler has her own show, ‘Chelsea Lately’, on E!, which made news in March that it is being canceled at the end of this year when her contract is up. Handler’s name came up during speculations about Letterman’s replacement on the ‘Late Show’. Some people suggested that she would be a good pick when they were anticipating the new host that CBS would pick for the job. Handler, however, always the prankster, joked with her fans by posting pictures on her Instagram with the CBS logo and captions that read “Business Meeting.”

CBS late night programming is having some major shifts besides just the ‘Late Late Show’ host leaving the show. The ‘Late Show’ which runs at 11:30, just prior to Ferguson’s show, is undergoing a change as well, as longtime host of many years David Letterman gets set to retire from the program. Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s ‘The Colbert Report’ is now preparing to step up and fill Letterman’s shoes as the show’s host. Sources say that CBS has been eyeing Cobert for the ‘Late Show’ position at the time of Letterman’s retirement since 2012, and that Ferguson, even with CBS seniority, had even less of a chance for the spot.

Letterman’s replacement by Colbert was announced in early April, and some people are still getting used to the idea, as Colbert plays a fictional conservative character on his show, and they have to get used to the idea of him as a regular stand-up comedian. The ‘Late Show’ runs at the same time as Colbert’s ‘The Colbert Report’ on Comedy Central now, so fans who want to tune in to him on his new channel can do so, conveniently, at the same time as they would have before.

Craig Ferguson may be planning to leave the ‘Late Late Show’, but he is not the only late night comedy host in transition, and CBS is not the only network who has recently been considering new hosts for its late night comedy programs. NBC recently made some major changes in its lineup, as Jay Leno retired from the ‘Tonight Show’ (yes, for real this time), leaving a place for Jimmy Fallon to move from ‘Late Night’ to the new host of the ‘Tonight Show’ as Leno’s replacement. Meanwhile, former SNL comedian/head writer Seth Meyers took over Fallon’s spot as host of ‘Late Night’.

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