Cyprus During Summer

CyprusCyprus is known to be the third largest island country in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very beautiful island that is surrounded with water all over it. It’s located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and it has several neighboring countries that surround it. The island of Cyprus lies within the borders of Europe and the Middle East. It is located west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Palestine/ Israel, east of Greece, and north of Egypt.

With summer getting near on the corner, it is a good time to start thinking about the summer holiday. Cyprus has a very beautiful weather that attracts people and tourists from all over the world. It is a very relaxing place for anybody who just want to have a nice vacation. Cyprus is known to be the year- round island. It is the place where people come to enjoy the beautiful climate as well as the lovely sandy shores all year long.

Cyprus is the place where there is always a new thing to do. It is a small world to discover. The island of Cyprus has many experiences awaiting people to discover under the warm of the sun every day. Cyprus has several natural attractions. In one day, a person can experience the real relaxation of the inviting beaches, and then enjoy a breeze on the high mountains that are considered to be breathtaking.

Relaxing under the beautiful sun light is not the only attractive reason of why people visit Cyprus. The warm sand of the inviting beaches makes the person’s toes want to sink all day long. The idea of seeing the sparkling, shiny blue water while getting a tan and feeling the warm sun, makes the person fall in love with Cyprus. Cyprus is the island for an amazing beach holiday.

The island of Cyprus provides a wide variety of sandy beaches to choose where to spend the summer holiday at. It is never too hard to find the right place for an astonishing summer vacation. The island has numerous luxurious resorts, gorgeous sandy shores, private bays, and lovely high mountains.

Cyprus attracts all different ages’ especially young people. Ajia Napa, a beautiful small city in Cyprus is known to be one of the best party places in the world. Ajia Napa is the place where young people experience the astonishing nature, as well as the crazy party life. There are plenty of outdoor activities for people to indulge in while visiting the beautiful island. The water activities and sports are very famous in Cyprus. Once young people get to Ajia Napa, they will get distracted by all the attractive features that the city provides and hosts during summer time. Ajia Napa has one of the biggest waterparks in Europe, and it known for having thrilling rides and water activities. The bungee jumping is also considered an extreme sensation within the small city.

Discovering the beauty of Cyprus should be considered one day. The magic of the underwater world can be easily done by going snorkeling or diving in the warm and fresh crystal clear seas. Cyprus is the place where people call vacation home.

By Georgina Abboud

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