Dancing with the Stars: Danica McKellar Suffers Broken Rib

Dancing With the Stars: Danica McKellar Suffers Broken Rib
One of the remaining celebrity competitors on Dancing With the Stars, Danica McKellar, who played the iconic character of Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, reportedly broke a rib during recent rehearsals and the question of whether she can continue on with the rest of the season has been cast into serious doubt. If Danica can’t continue and is forced to drop out of the competition due to her injury, there will likely be nobody eliminated during this coming Monday’s episode.

Danica McKellar, 39, broke her rib Thursday during practice for Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars episode. On Monday, each of the remaining competitors will be performing two dances that they will be judged on. If Danica is still able to dance, despite her injury, one celebrity and his or her pro dance partner will be eliminated by the end of the episode.

While Danica McKellar took to Twitter to spread the news to her fans that she had broken her rib, she did not state that her injury would force her to drop out of this season of Dancing With the Stars. So far, representatives for The Wonder Years star have had no comments to make regarding Danica’s unfortunate injury.

Going into Monday’s Dancing With the Stars show, the duo of Danica and Val Chmerkovskiy, her pro dance partner,  are in third place. She has been making steady progress as the season has gone on, especially impressing the panel of judges with how well she and Val danced the Quickstep during Disney Week on Dancing With the Stars. If she can somehow continue to dance at a high level despite her broken rib, she and Val can remain very much in the competition.

On Monday, the remaining competitors on Dancing With the Stars must perform both a Team Dance as well as their usual individual dances. The competition is definitely heating up. Even if Danica hadn’t broken her rib during practice, she and the rest of the competitors will not find it any easier to impress the judges as the season winds down to a close theses last four weeks of the season.

Earlier this season, actor Billy Dee Williams of Star Wars fame had to drop out of the rest of the season of Dancing With the Stars on the orders of his doctor due to a back injury.

Billy Dee Williams and his pro dance partner had not earned very high scores from the judges of Dancing With the Stars, despite his giving it his all and trying his best to entertain his fans, so it was likely only a matter of time before he and his pro dance partner would have been eliminated. Still, it was sad to see Billy Dee Williams depart from the show.

Danica McKellar isn’t the only celebrity who has appeared on Dancing With the Stars who has had a rib broken during the course of the season. Maria Menounos, who performed during Season 14, broke more than one of her ribs and managed to continue on to the end of the season. She and her pro dance partner, Derek Hough, finished in fourth place.

Will the broken rib Danica McKellar suffered this past Thursday force her to drop out of the rest of Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars? That still remains to be seen.

Danica McKellar has already given her fans many exciting and entertaining moments this season, and if she can continue on without experiencing further injuries or endangering her health, we can likely count on seeing even more memorable dances coming from her the last four weeks of Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars.

Written by: Douglas Cobb