Dean McDermott Struggles With Suicidal Thoughts

Dean McDermott Struggles With Suicidal Thoughts

In a show aired on Tuesday, Dean McDermott supposedly admitted to struggling with suicidal thoughts after the scandal that exposed McDermott as a cheater. That’s right, on the show True Tori cast members and producers got a shock as Dean told television cameras that after his cheating incident he stared at a window and thought how easy it would be to just dive out of it.
After Dean’s confession the producers scrambled to guarantee that Dean was comfortable airing such a confession on television. They even brought in a psychiatrist to examine Dean and ensure that he was able to make that decision accurately. But just how deep did the show go on Tuesday?

It started with Tori explaining that she was working really hard not to be mad at Dean because she felt he had a breakdown after the cheating scandal and was trying not to set him off. She said she was scared to be too rough on him. These feelings have seemed to follow Tori Spelling, even amidst the tears that she has displayed on the show while looking at family photos, talking about Dean’s rehab, or talking to her friends about the incident. Though she also says that she holds no blame against the mistress, allegedly a Canadian by the name of Emily Goodhand. Tori has also stated openly that she suspected cheating would happen as the two Dean and Tori were both married to other people when they met each other.

The alleged scandal took place in December of last year as media displayed a cheating Dean and a Tori with no wedding ring on. Though media eventually started accusing Tori of making up the cheating incident for good publicity on her show.
Some of the accusations came up as media began to say that the supposed mistress Emily Goodhand had disappeared after the cheating scandal. They also pointed out that many accusations had also been made against Tori Spelling for faking many parts of the show to make it more dramatic. Though if the cheating scandal and the mistress were both made up, why would Dean McDermott be struggling with suicidal thoughts?

While the accusations of a fake scandal are still at large Dean’s confession on the show was a heartbreaking moment for many. He supposedly even said “Tori deserves (for) me to die.” This was a major turning point from the Dean and Tori that everyone saw in the past. Throughout the many shows aired on television of Dean and Tori the couple always seemed so happy and in love.
Though the two are working on their marriage to see if they can figure out the situation, Dean McDermott says he is no longer struggling with suicidal thoughts now that he has had the help he needed, attended rehab, and is back with all of the people he loves, including his four kids.

Viewers can continue to see how the couple works out this tough time in their marriage. Until than Dean McDermott fans have shown their support for the couple and seem to be hoping for the best in his recovery.

Written By Crystal Boulware

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