Drew Barrymore is Definitely a Darling Mother [Video]

Drew Barrymore

The child-star actress is all grown up and is having children of her own. Earlier today in Los Angeles, Drew Barrymore, 39, and her husband Will Kopelman, 36, welcomed another darling baby girl into their happy, growing family–Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. The mother-father-duo released a comment that everyone is definitely happy and healthy, and they are very proud parents of both Frankie and big sister, Olive.

Baby Frankie will be the little sister to 19-month-old Olive who was born in September of 2012. In a statement given to People, Barrymore is “pretty psyched” about having another little girl, and actually mentioned that she was relieved when she heard the news. The second time around, she will have everything she needs. “It’s all about hand-me-downs and room sharing and all that stuff.”

Frankie’s impending arrival was confirmed late last year, and since Barrymore has been happily showing off her baby bump in many media outlets. Although the popular celebrity tried to keep her first pregnancy as hush-hush as possible, this time around she has shown what a glowing mother-to-be she can be. Motherhood seems to suit her remarkably well. While other actresses tend to downplay their maternity, Barrymore’s baby-bump time seemed to only embellish her cheerful, optimistic nature. She was able to make being pregnant look both glamorous and fun, exciting and honorable, cute and warm.

The proud mama has made statements that she was not going to care about what she looked like or how much weight she was gaining. She was going to indulge her cravings. She claimed she was going to eat the pasta, and worry about the ten pounds later, concluding, “You’re not supposed to look perfect” when you’re pregnant. Perfect or not, Barrymore’s unashamed maternity was definitely a darling portrait of motherhood.

Barrymore did mention that her second pregnancy was a lot smoother than the first. The first time around, she said, she worried about every little thing, because it was all new. This time she felt like she was able to keep busy with focusing on raising Olive. She said being able to be a mother to Olive during her pregnancy with Frankie helped make the time go by at least a little bit faster.

The star-studded baby shower held two weeks ago was a tell-tale sign that the actress would be holding a new little bundle in her arms very soon. It was a great last party before the big day. The guest list included celebrity friends such as Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, bestie Cameron Diaz, and 50 other close friends and relatives. Guests were warmly welcomed while arriving with armloads of flowers and gifts.

Now with being a mother to another baby girl, Barrymore’s darling family is definitely growing quickly. Only time will tell if the couple’s family has gotten big enough for their life together or if there will be another baby bump in the next six months! Until then, big sister Olive, baby Frankie,  Daddy Will, and Momma Drew will have to break hearts all on their own. Should not be too hard.

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