Drowned by Mom Who Hit Own Kids With Car [Video]


A Pennsylvania mother of three boys has been charged with homicide and attempted homicide of her two youngest sons on Tuesday, April 1 2014. Allegedly, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer purposefully tried to drown her children in the bathtub of their family home in McCandless, PA. To add to the story, this is not the first time Schlemmer has been under scrutiny for harming her offspring. Luke Schlemmer, the 3-year old son that had fatally drowned as the result of his mom’s actions, was also a victim of a car ‘accident’, when Laurel Michelle hit the same two kids with her vehicle in 2013. Not surprisingly, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer was also eyed back in 2009 when she apparently left a child unattended in a hot car.

On Tuesday, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer placed a surprisingly calm phone call to the police, after she allegedly put her youngest sons, 3 and 6, into the bathtub and the sat on them: “I, uh, let my 6- and 3-year old sons play in the bathtub a little bit before their bath this morning… and then I went to, to the restroom… and then I came back. They’re unconscious.” After the 911 Operator asked Schlemmer if the children were breathing, she replied with a calm: “It doesn’t look like it, sir”. The incident, not so much in question, apparently happened after Schlemmer sent her oldest son, 7, off to school.

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer asked her sons Luke, 3 and Daniel, 6 to remove their clothes and get into the bathtub. She then claims to have heard voices telling her to “push the boys down under the water”. That’s when Laurel Michelle allegedly got into the tub, fully clothed, and sat on her struggling children until they stopped breathing. She then removed them from the tub, and stripped their clothes off – which she discarded of in a trash bag and attempted to hide. Tragically, Luke, 3 fatally drowned as a result of the incident. However, Daniel, 6, is alive but in critical condition. What seems even more disturbing is these two kids, one of whom was drowned by their own mom, are the same two she hit with her car in 2013.

Last year, while visiting grandparents of the young children near their own home of McCandless, PA, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer backed into the two boys, who were in the driveway. While Luke and Daniel survived that incident, it was serious enough to cause internal injuries and hinder the two from walking for a period of time. According to a local pastor who knew the family, it didn’t seem like anything sinister had occurred and no charges were filed. Apparently, Laurel Michelle believed her children were in the house at the time.

The plot does continue to thicken, however, with the revelation that Laurel Michelle Schlemmer had been cited for child neglect in 2009. Apparently she had left a toddler in extreme heat inside of a car that, according to police, boasted a temperature of 112 degrees. It is not clear which child the report refers to. Now, as to why this Pennsylvania mom, who hit her kids with a car and drowned her own son, would want to commit homicide – she claims she could be a better mother to her oldest, 7, if the younger two were in “heaven.”

By Josh Taub

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