Easter Family Movies


After the children find the eggs and the Easter baskets, the children can sit with their parents and watch Easter family movies. One of the Easter family movies that a family could enjoy is It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. Snoopy and the Peanuts have done Christmas and Halloween. Why not Easter? Linus and the gang are in search of the legendary Easter Beagle. On the way, they have to do some shopping and decorate eggs. Snoopy and Woodstock are in this Peanuts movie, but a person will only get glimpses of them. If a person has enjoyed the previous Peanuts cartoons, they should enjoy this one as well.

The next Easter family movie is called Hop, is a live action movie with a lot of computer-generated animation. All the talking animals are computer-generated. A computer-generated E.B. (which is the voice of Russell Brand) is an heir to the throne of the Easter Bunny but he does not want to be the king of Easter. However, E.B. does want to be a famous drummer. Instead of attending his own coronation, he runs off to Hollywood and with the help of a human, he tries to become a drummer. This gives the bad guy a chance to try to take over Easter. E.B. ends up having to come back to Easterland to rescue his father and save this springtime holiday.

Another Easter family movies that a family could enjoy is Winnie the Pooh-Springtime with Roo. Springtime has come to One hundred Acres and everybody seems to be happy, except the Rabbit. He wants to cancel Easter. Pooh and the gang will just have to remind him about the fun of Easter or Easter is doomed. It is another enjoyable film with America’s favorite bear.

This is a springtime family movie with a dash of lunacy and fun that could only be provided by those whimsical Looney Tunes characters. This is Bugs Funny Easter Funnies and it does not have a lot of a plot. The creators of these cartoons simply put Looney Tunes cartoons together that seemed to do with the Easter holiday. Even though most of these cartoons are decades old, they are still definitely funny and should be introduced to a new generation.

Yogi Bear never stops stealing picnic baskets, even for Easter. Yogi the Easter Bear must not also keep stealing picnic baskets, but he must rescue the Easter Bunny from his kidnappers. The smartest bear ever must keep Easter from being ruined. If a person loves Easter and the smartest bear, he or she must get this video.

The most played live action movie during this time of year is the Easter Parade. This movie is about Don Hewes (Fred Astaire) who is devastated after his dance partner breaks up with him. The break up makes him wish to prove that he can transform any girl into a dancing star. Hannah Brown (Judy Garland) ends up being his new partner and they have adventures. This very old movie can still be enjoyed by the very young and anyone should still be able to appreciate this film. There are still plenty of Easter family movies that can be enjoyed. Parents and kids will always find films that they can enjoy together.

Opinion By Tom Clark


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