Easter Holiday Honored by Religious Companies


Easter may be one of the most honored religious holidays in the United States, as well as around the world. Various cultures in society may have a special unique way of celebrating the holiday that honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionally celebrated on a Sunday during the month of April, several people may begin preparing for the holiday by shopping for special outfits, with a specific color scheme that may appropriately represent Spring as well as the Easter holiday itself. Others may take an interest in searching for unique recipes that may be prepared after attending a religious ceremony at church. Many children may especially love celebrating the holiday by receiving Easter baskets filled with candy and toys, and others may enjoy the outdoor festivity of going on an Easter egg hunt. However any way the Easter holiday is honored, the celebration may not only be just for individuals who practice the Christian faith. Companies who have honored the Christian religion as part of its mission statement, may also participate in celebrating the Easter holiday, by displaying images as well as symbols that represent Christianity.

Tyson Foods may be considered to be one of those companies that have based the company’s slogan on Christian principles. The founder of Tyson Foods, John Tyson, may have openly remarked in the past about the company being founded on the principles of Christianity, by stating it “strive(s) to honor God” in becoming a faith-friendly company. Forever-21, a trendy fashion retailer, whose founders are presumed to be born-again Christians, display a more obvious symbol that insinuates following Christianity as the company’s core beliefs by imprinting a quote from a scripture in the Bible on shopping bags: John 3:16. In-and-Out Burger, a restaurant chain located in California, may be another company that follows the same principle of proudly displaying its Christian beliefs in the same manner as Forever 21 with the exception that most biblical quotes may be found on items that are used to serve menu items to its customers.

Chick-fil-A may be one of the more popular major food chains in America that is considered to be founded on the Baptist faith by the religious founder Truett Cathy from Hapeville, Georgia. This restaurant may be well-known for closing its stores on Sunday, in order to honor this day, as a way to allow employees time to spend the day in worship, if so desired. It is quite possible that all of these companies will be honoring this Easter holiday. by offering something special to its employees on April 20, 2014. Given that practicing any religious faith may be a matter of choice, for those companies that have honored the Easter holiday in the past may also offer its customers the opportunity to meet with the “Easter bunny” in a special way this year. Several malls across America. as well as around the world. may employ someone to pose as the Easter bunny offering small gifts to children, and the opportunity to take a photograph with the popular Easter holiday mascot. Many stores may also be offering special sales on the Easter holiday itself. In any event, the Easter holiday may be an honored tradition that can be celebrated among family, friends, and many shoppers around the world.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

Business Insider


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