Experiencing Sakura Con 2014 on 420 Easter Weekend

Initial D anime Sakura Con

Once a year the anime convention Sakura Con takes over the Seattle Convention center for a weekend of fan service, new experiences, and all around good fun. This year the convention happened to fall on a very busy weekend, Easter weekend, which was also 420 weekend. Washington and Colorado are the only two states with legal recreational use of marijuana.

Power Rangers at 420 Easter Weekend

What can be expected at the con? Anything and everything relating to the word nerd. The environment is more than inviting, here nobody judges negatively. In fact, the more dedicated you are, the more you’ll likely make new friends. Comic book, anime, and video game cosplays fill the entire building. It often leads to unexpected sights, such as a witch (from the Left 4 Dead series) trying to enjoy a burrito from Taco Del Mar with giant bloody fingers.
Super Sayian Mario and Luigi Sakura Con 2014

A large number of video game tournaments took place. Some games were new to the USA, such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (which comes out April 29) and J-Stars Victory Vs, while others were more expected like Halo 4. Super Smash Bros. had a lot of coverage as well. Tournaments were held for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. Project M. As it would be, winners from tournaments get petal points, which can be exchanged for prizes set in certain tiers. It seems the tier level has been lowered for tournaments winners compared to previous years. Hopefully, Sakura Con will increase the prizes for gamers putting in so much effort for to win.

All Ladies Samurai Champloo anime sakura con

The AMV contest this year was better than ever. All who attended were given ballots containing a list of each contestant and what music/ anime their AMV represented. Once the contest was over, participants could tear off the upper portion of the ballot and easily mark their favorites for each category and then take home the leftovers for a souvenir.

The weather on Saturday was slightly rainy, which made the courtyard more empty than it normally would be, considering it is one of the best spots for group pictures. To add insult to injury, the fan favorite bikini contest was vacant from this year’s schedule. As always, the Sakura Con blood drive was in full swing this year; for shoutouts, use the hashtag #sakura4life. With the Seattle Convention Center being as big as it is, it is difficult to track down or discover certain people or characters. That being said, individuals showed their support for 420 as well as Easter.
Halo Bunny Master Chief Sakura Con Easter 420 WeekendSakura Con 2014 420 Easter Weekend

Now, the wait begins for next year’s Sakura Con, participants are already planning out their costumes for next year. Voice actors Matthew Mercer and Todd Haberkorn graced the con this year (as well as others), who knows will be on the agenda next year. The reasons to be excited for Sakura Con 2015 are copious to fans of anime and video games. Did you enjoy the con or 420 or Easter this year? What were some of the events you were happy to experience or wished you had? Who do you want or think will descend upon the con next year for panels or autographs?

Black Knight from Fire Emblem Easter Weekend Sakura Con

Kingdom Hearts Sora Jack Front Sakura Con 420 2014

Opinion By Garrett Jutte
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