Extreme Kim Kardashian Phobia Terrifies Man

kim kardashian phobia

A man with an extreme and severe phobia of Kim Kardashian is speaking out about his disability. Mike Amess, a 24 year old resident of the UK, says his fear of Kim and the entire Kardashian family has deeply impacted his life and caused the failure of many relationships. He says he is too embarrassed to seek medical help for his debilitating condition, so he struggles with his panic every day. Amess says his friends make fun of him and one tormentor even hung up a picture of Kim on the bathroom door so that Amess was forced to abstain from using the toilet the entire night.

His terror began when Amess was trying to come to terms with his homosexuality as a young teen. At that time, Kim had just released a sex tape, and Amess says his friends were raving about how great the tape was and how sexy Kim was in it. He tried to watch the tape, but when he saw Kim’s huge derriere, he became cold, clammy, and nauseated. His fear is so extreme that he is now afraid of each member of the Kardashian family.

Since Kim and the rest of her family appear on many newspapers and magazines, Amess says he is unable to escape the sight of them, and when he sees them, he is instantly brought back, in his mind, to that fateful, horrible day when he first viewed Kim’s sex tape. He says his extreme phobia symptoms include sweating, shaking, increased heart rate, a feeling of terror and even vomiting. It is clear that Amess has been deeply affected by his fear and that it has now become a full blown panic disorder. Kim Kardashian terrifies him, and so do her sisters and mother.

Experts say that phobias can arise about almost anything, including celebrities, however, the severity of Amess’ disorder is highly unusual. Amess says that the sight of Kim’s face and the sound of her “nasally” voice leave him in a state of debilitating panic, and that he has requested his friends and family to help him by tearing pages out of magazines and newspapers that bear her image before he reads them.

Amess says he has lost relationships with several of his boyfriends because many men in the gay community love Kim Kardashian and her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. One boyfriend, he says, tried to force Amess to watch the show, and the evening ended up in an explosive argument after which the couple separated.

Amess says his extreme phobia is a real burden in his life and that he wishes he did not have to live with it each day. He says that while most people who hear about his disorder find it hilarious, they do not understand how deeply traumatic it is for him to deal with. He has never sought medical help and unfortunately for him, the cure for most major phobias is actually exposure to the thing causing the phobia. If Amess ever wanted to cure his problem, he would have to end up being exposed to Kim Kardashian slowly over a period of time. For now, he lives his life in terror of Kim and the whole Kardashian family.

By: Rebecca Savastio


Daily Mail

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