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As the need of socializing over internet is increasing, the need of socializing with people across the countries is also on the rise. As social networking has become a new trend; one battle that has been raging for a long time emerges out in the forefront. Facebook vs. Twitter is a much discussed topic and this article intends to highlight some of the relevant facts in this regard.

This dilemma has been everywhere, from the virtual world to the real world of media. With people suggesting that Facebook is for connecting with people from the past and Twitter for connecting with celebrities. To tell the truth, Twitter actually gives a lot more freedom in connecting two people who do not currently know each other.

With everybody on Facebook these days, it has become more of a chore than just a site to chat with friends. Notifications from Facebook have become so important that everyone logs into the account just to have a look at it. Since Facebook is a multipurpose social networking site, it is not just about chatting with friends. It has become a means to stay in touch with relatives, friends, loved ones, and even professional acquaintances.

Twitter on the other hand, gives a lot better impression of the trending issues of the social networking circle. All the trending news which brings in a lot of cash can be found in this site without much hassle. It is a birth place of breaking news.

Then there is Facebook requesting people to enter your real data, personal information to connect with family and relatives. So there comes the question of what can be uploaded and what cannot be posted. Of course, anything can be posted on Facebook, but then one would not post anything that would somehow offend one’s maternal uncle or grandfather. Twitter is a more personalized networking site, where one gets the chance to maintain anonymity, at least to a certain extent.

Facebook’s generalized use is to keep everyone updated on the latest posts of the friend circle. When a new movie is released, one can get the review in Facebook, faster than any other critic site. On the other hand, Twitter is about spreading messages and it deals with speeding things up once it becomes a source in itself. So, a topic like Twitter vs. Facebook may seem like a tough one, but a proper research on both the sites can give a clear picture.

In Facebook one can use various means of promotion like, banner ads, posters, referral marketing and even casual online games. While in twitter the only way one can advertise is through the promoted tweets.

Privacy is another important issue that needs to be discussed in this regard. In Facebook one gets an array of privacy settings that allows one to be totally visible to any and everyone, from being totally invisible, except to your closest friends. One can also change the privacy setting for the posts and pictures that have been uploaded. Contrarily, Twitter just has two privacy settings.

If one selects private, only people who are followers can see the posts while using the public setting, everyone will be able to see the Tweet. If one considers the user friendliness of sites, then Facebook wins the race. Nevertheless, the fight of Facebook vs. Twitter is a never ending and depends on personal choice of priorities of the features.

Opinion by Sunando Basu

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