FedEx Shooting Employee Opens Fire Injuring Six People

FedEx ShootingJust before sunrise on Tuesday, police dispatchers received multiple active shooter calls from a FedEx facility just outside Atlanta, Georgia. At 5:54am, the shooter, a FedEx employee, opened fire inside the 500,000 square foot facility injuring six people before killing himself.

FedEx employees have confirmed the shooter as a 19-year-old package handler at the Cobb County Airport-McCollum Field FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia, though his name has been withheld. Three of the victims are listed in critical condition with two as life threatening, according to WellStar Kenstone Hospital officials, where the injured victims were taken.

One employee at the facility reported that she had an altercation with the shooter a week prior, but it is unclear whether the FedEx shooting is attributed to the dispute or if the employee was being targeted, according to USA Today.

The employee, Liza Aiken, recalled seeing the shooter after entering the building dressed in black garb with ammunition strapped across his chest. He wielded a shotgun, according to police, and opened fire indiscriminately upon fellow workers.

Over 100 officers from surrounding local, state, and federal authorities, including the ATF and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, surrounded the facility ushering away workers showing up for their morning shifts. The workers already inside were held in a warehouse as the building was locked down while law enforcement, with the help of bomb sniffing dogs, searched the facility for secondary devices that may have been planted by the shooter.

By 9am police announced that the body of the shooter was found with a shotgun in a loading bay section of the building. A self-inflicted gunshot wound is suspected to be the cause of death.

Those injured include two life-threatening cases; a 28-year-old man, who hospital officials say is currently on a ventilator, and a 52-year-old woman who is in surgery. A 22-year-old man is also listed in critical condition. Two victims, 38 and 19 – both men, are in stable condition and are to be released soon. A woman, 42, was treated and has already been released.

The FedEx shooting comes less than a week after Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law House Bill 60, aptly referred to as the “Guns Everywhere Bill,” which goes into effect July 1. The bill will effectively create a more laxed atmosphere for gun owners, allowing those licensed for concealed carry to tote guns into churches, school zones, government buildings, and certain areas of airports.

Though the bill has caused controversy throughout the public, it received unwavering support from state legislation that floated the bill through with votes 112-58 in the House, and 37-18 in the Senate.

Scott Fielder, a FedEx spokesperson, expressed gratitude for the assistance of law enforcement and condolences for the families and all those affected by the FedEx shooting. Many after school events in the Atlanta area have been cancelled as the public rallies to support the victims remaining in critical condition, and all those injured in Tuesday’s tragedy. Police continue to investigate the FedEx shooting as they search for a motive as to why this employee opened fire, injuring six of his coworkers.

By Cody Long

ABC News
USA Today