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Fruits and Veggies Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

fruits and veggiesFruits and veggies are the essential nutrition for the day, according to new study. Seven fruits and veggies a day are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and it was proven to be healthier than five. Researchers studied 65,226 men and women who were eating seven a day, and the results were that they were less likely to die of heart disease and cancer.

Dietary habits are very important in variety and quantity, the Harvard School of Public Health says. They add that the diet rich with vegetables and fruits can lower the risk of higher blood pressure, cholesterol, heart and stroke, cancer, and have a positive effect on blood sugar and appetite check.

Mixing the fruits and veggies in all colors is best for the body, such as adding dark and light leafy greens, reds, yellow, whites and orange. Together, prepared in a meal, they will raise the energy of the body just as much as the carbohydrates, the Harvard School of Public Health continues.

There are many fruits and veggies guides essential for a healthy lifestyle. According to the USDA, the vegetables and fruits always need to be fresh and in season when bought, and if possible, frozen foods need to be skipped due to their low nutritional value. For the best nutritional value, vegetables rich with potassium need to be often selected. More foods should be mixed together without adding too much sodium.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests a few ways to stay healthy. Fewer calories should be in the food, for the sake of losing or maintaining weight. The day should start by eating fresh fruits and veggies mixed together. While the cereal may be a healthy addition sometimes it should be cut back, adding fruits in the meal instead. Lunches should be rich with salads and low-calorie ranches. Veggies should be frequently added to the food, such as carrots, broccoli, beans, peppers and others. Dinners should also include fruits and vegetables by replacing the meat. Snacks should be smartly added to the food in between meals with only 100 calories each.

Few studies also suggest that adding grains to the food may improve health and well-being. According to FitDay, quinoa is a great grain that assists with losing weight due to being rich with more protein, iron, B12 and fiber than many other foods. It is a great addition for  vegans and vegetarians, because it not only makes the stomach full, but it stays full for a long period of time. FitDay adds that quinoa helps in losing weight because the dietary fiber binds to the fat and cholesterol, causing less absorbance. It is low in calories, and great for mixing all vegetable colors as a healthy meal salad.  Quinoa is safe for diabetics – it does not affect the blood sugar.

The benefits of a few other infamous veggies and super foods have been recently explored by different research groups such as kale, cilantro, parsley, avocado, mango and spirulina. By knowing the contents of the fruits and veggies, it will be easier to understand what is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Some people may not eat a specific fruit or vegetable, but there is always an alternative.

By Marija Makeska


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