Game of Thrones Inspiring New Trends in Baby Names

Game of Thrones

A new pattern suggests that the future generation could be made up of a lot of Khaleesis, Neds, and Tyrions. It seems that the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ has recently been inspiring some new trends in baby names, and the names from the show are becoming increasing popular among parents naming their new children.

Social Security Administration data says that in 2012, a year after the fantasy show premiered, 146 baby girls were recorded with the name Khaleesi, which is the title of Emilia Clarke’s character, Daenerys Targaryen, on the show, and often mistaken for her character’s real name. The name, in the fantasy series, is an invented one by ‘Game of Thrones’ author George R. R. Martin, and means “Queen”. It is given to the character after she marries a leader of a warrior tribe in Season 1 of the show. This character is unarguably a fan favorite, when it comes to ‘Game of Thrones’ baby name trends, the reason for hers is clear. The name Daenerys has not garnered as much popularity as Khaleesi, but has nonetheless still been given to 21 female babies on record so far.

Another popular name from the show which was rather antiquated, but has now actually made a comeback is Ned, the name of actor Sean Bean’s character. Ned is a loyal and kind character who makes his appearance in Season 1 only, and serves as the hand of the king, but is executed at the end of the season.

The rise to popularity of the ‘Game of Thrones’ as a period drama and its inspiring of a new trend in baby names has also inspired another trend as people become more and more intrigued in history and the period that it takes place. In the past couple decades, names have become more and more modern, and parents have attempted to name their children something unique that stands out from the rest. A different pattern is beginning to occur now, however, as old fashioned names are coming back in style. The more fashionable names are beginning to be ones people have not heard in a long time – maybe even centuries. While some “old” names from the mid-twentieth century that have not been popular in a while are starting to resurface, such as Audrey and Jane, it is the much older names that are really getting the most attention. However, the biggest ones that are starting to make a comeback are Olde English names – some even as old as the Middle Ages.

According to Daily Mail, Olde English names coming back include Millicent, Elvina, and Alfred, among others. Names popular among girls include Kendra and Winnie, which date back to Medieval times.

Many parents are apparently now choosing these names over what was previously popular, which were names that really stood out or were spelled uniquely (Destinee, Tiffani, Brighette), or fantasy names, which was also a trend. Names like ‘Princess’ and ‘Ruby’ are now becoming less popular, as more traditional names are again beginning to take the spotlight – except in the case of ‘Game of Thrones’ where the fantasy names are ever popular. With the show just having been renewed for another couple of seasons, it remains to be seen if it will keep inspiring new trends in baby names in the years to come.

By Laura Clark


Daily Mail


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