‘Game of Thrones’ Killer Suspect List

Game of ThronesThe scene everyone has been waiting for finally hit Game of Thrones on Sunday night, and there is already a killer suspect list growing. With so many people at the ‘Purple Wedding,’ there are too many suspects to mention. However, there are certainly some certain people who stand out. For those who have not read the books, it could be anyone, and here is a rundown of the most likely suspects.

Despite Tyrion Lannister being the one implicated, Sansa Stark stands out as the most likely. She has the least to lose now that she believes all her family is dead, and King Joffrey definitely made her life a living hell. She started with high hopes of becoming the queen, but those dreams soon ended when her father Ned Stark was executed for treason and she realized just the type of monster Joffrey really is; well, was. She was also the person who took the cup when Joffrey knocked it on the floor, and nobody quite saw what she did to it before handing it to her husband, Tyrion.

Olenna Tyrell is the next person on the list, although something does not sit right for it to be her. Surely as the grandmother of the now queen, she would want her granddaughter, Margaery, to have the heir to the throne before the death of the king. Of course, Olenna knows just how much of a monster Joffrey is, and wants the best for her granddaughter. She would do anything for her family, and should put her at the top of any Game of Thrones killer suspect list. The question is how she did it. If it was her, there must be some subtle hints during the wedding feast.

Another possibility is Magaery Tyrell, but that is another one that does not make complete sense. She would want to have the heir before anything happened to the king. After all, she did not marry the king just to lose her crown within hours. She has already lost one “crown” after the death of her first husband.

Lord Varys was extremely quiet during the wedding, and he would definitely have motive for the death of the king. He constantly says he wants the best for the realm, and the best for the realm is to get rid of the Game of Thrones psycho king. There is also some tension between him and Tyrion, so he would want to frame Joffrey’s uncle over everyone else.

One to throw out there is Littlefinger. He may have gone, but he definitely is not forgotten. Nobody has seen him reach The Vale yet, so he could still be around King’s Landing somewhere. He did promise to get Sansa out of the capital, so it would make some sense for him to orchestrate a plan. The question is just how many people were involved with this plan of his? He would need help to make sure he was not seen at the wedding, and that would help prevent him from being implicated. The list of killer suspects on Game of Thrones grows with that one thought.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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