Game of Thrones Season 4: Revenge Best Served Naked

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Game of Thrones continues its fast-paced action in season four and its first episode does not disappoint thanks to the intriguing plot and the overall lesson according to which revenge is best served naked. Two Swords tells the story of Joffrey’s wedding preparations and Oberyn Martell’s grand entrance, sprinkled with a golden hand and some restless dragons. The first episode of the fourth season catches up with the Starks, Lannisters, Jon Snow and Daenerys, who continues with her plan to liberate slave cities, but nothing is that simple.

All houses are presented in the first episode of Game of Thrones season four, but the lesson learned is that revenge is best served naked, especially if the leading role goes to Oberyn Martell, whose attendance at Joeffrey’s wedding is sprinkled with episodes of retaliation. Arya gets her own way and enjoys killing the man who took Lommy’s life and stole Needle, the sword Jon gave her by sliding the blade into his throat up under his chin until he chokes with his own blood.

The first episode of Game of Thrones season four zooms in on Daenerys and her motherly attempts to train her grown-up dragons, but almost loses a hand when she tries to calm them down. Ser Jorah tells her that dragons cannot be tamed, “not even by their mother,” but her problems do not stop there. As her army marches toward the next slave city, she finds out that no one is invincible.

Nudity Prevails

Game of Thrones season four is no different from its previous series of episodes as far as nudity is concerned and emphasizes the fact that revenge is best served naked. When the perverted Prince Oberyn arrives just in time for Joffrey’s wedding with Margaery, he brings a bloody present; while auditioning playmates at Littlefinger in a very explicit scene, Oberyn hears some Lannister men singing a jolly song in the room next door and barges in. Game of Thrones would not be complete without a round of violent encounters and Oberyn delivers; he puts his dagger through one of men’s wrists, but frees him when Tyrion arrives.

However, the prince does not miss the chance to send a revengeful message to Tyrion for the death of his sister and nephews. At the same time, a gentle Tyrion tries to console his orphan young wife, Sansa Stark, but fails to make her eat.

The round of nudity ends with Shae, who forces an encounter with Tyrion, but when she is brutally refused, she storms out of his chamber and is seen by another maid. The servant goes straight to Cersei and Jaime, who cannot rekindle romance because she does not want to forgive him for leaving her alone and prepares to spill the beans about what she saw.

Two Swords could not be complete without Jon Snow, who is accused of several transgressions, including sleeping with Ygritte, but he insists on focusing his attention on the imminent dangers. Regardless of the upcoming storm which lingers on all houses, Game of Thrones season four emphasizes the lesson taught in the previous seasons, namely that revenge is best served naked.

By Gabriela Motroc

The Independent

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