Game of Thrones Series Finale to End All Episodes

 Game of Thrones

Fans of the Game of Thrones series can brace themselves for some exciting news. Game of Thrones director Alex Graves is teasing that the season four series finale will be not only epic, but also it will be the episode that will end all other episodes! After all the shocking scenes that Game of Thrones has shown, what could happen that will top it all? Fans have heard the threat over and over throughout the show, so the question is, could winter finally be coming?

Graves was in charge of the most recent episode, The Lion and The Rose, and said that other directors on the show, David Benioff and DB Weiss, have planned a huge ending for season four. Graves keeps building fans’ expectations as he explains that this will be not only the largest season, but the most challenging season they put together so far. Graves says that technically and physically it will be taxing for both the actors and the cast.

Graves then starts speaking more vaguely, saying that something happens with the actors, and then the middle is a turning point in the story, and that is the reason for the end of a new season. Graves finishes up that thought by saying a lot happens. The director also says that episode 10 is the first and truest finale they have ever done in Game of Thrones and it will top all other episodes, and further hints it will be the episode to end all episodes.

Game of Thrones has certainly shocked fans with episodes full of violence, sex, fighting, scheming, and power plays. What could possibly be bigger than the brutal murders of the Stark family at the Red Wedding? Fans were shocked and angry after that episode, turning to twitter to vent their frustrations. The most recent episode, The Purple Wedding shocked fans as well as they watched the evil and sadistic King Joffrey be poisoned at his wedding. However, most fans were happy the horrible king finally was killed, and most felt he deserved it.  Graves promises that the coming finale in season four will top all of this. Not only top it, but end it too—whatever that means.

Could this finale bring actual winter and not just the threat of winter? Fans know the quote ‘winter is coming’ is the motto of the Stark house. It is said as a warning and a reminder to keep constant vigilance. According to author George R.R. Martin, the phrase represents a dark period of someone’s life, when events turn against him or her.  The world of Game of Thrones is already brutal and harsh, so if winter does come, fans know that none of their favorite characters will be safe.

Game of Thrones was renewed for two more seasons; so the season four series finale ending and topping all other episodes certainly makes fans wonder what will happen. Stay tuned for the season four finale to see if winter finally comes, and if it does, which of your favorite characters make it out alive.

Opinion By Sara Petersen


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