Georges St. Pierre Embracing ‘Villain’ Role Outside of UFC: MMA Spotlight

St. Pierre MMA Spotlight

Maybe Georges St. Pierre is just plain old tired of being the face of a show, or the figure everyone looks up upon. The former UFC champion was caught walking out of a hospital on crunches when bothered by TMZ and the rest of the paparazzi. G.S.P seemed to be in a lighter mood after just recently tearing his ACL during a training session; answering questions about prospective movie roles he would welcome in the future. It seems as if St. Pierre has thoroughly embraced his role as a true villain outside of the octagon and into the big motion pictures.  Georges just recently co starred in the new “Captain America: The Winter Soldier“as he played Georges Batroc The Leaper. When pressed by the media what other future endeavors he may pursue, St. Pierre noted that the “Star Wars” squeals are the preferable option. If the acting career picks up for the former UFC welterweight champion, many doubt that he would ever step foot into an octagon cage again.

Georges St. Pierre is widely known for his reign www.of terror on the UFC welterweight division. The Kyokushin karate black belt has not lost a UFC fight since 2007, and has only two losses to his resume. He has been named Fighter of the Year multiple times and the Canadian Athlete of the Year, his mixed martial arts brilliance speaks for itself. After his most recent title defense against the newly crowned welterweight division champion, Johny Hendricks; the 32 year old St. Pierre decided that it was best if he stepped St. Pierre MMA Spotlightaway from the sport for a brief period of time. The former champ cited obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) issues along with the lack of stringent drug testing, were what led to his immediate break from competition. Unfortunate enough for St. Pierre, he tore his left ACL during light training. Anybody expecting an eventual return to the octagon may not want to hold their breath. An ACL injury can take to almost a year to recover, and for an MMA icon who was taken an extended leave of absence, may make it a permanent retirement, pending on his state of mind and his recovery status.

The time may be right for the 32-year-old MMA icon to walk out on his shield. GSP has already earned a gross amount of cash under the UFC banner, Joe Rogan recently shared that St. Pierre was the mystery fighter that was grossing over $5 million per fight. With nothing left to prove and his body already paying a toll for the years dedicated to battering his armor, taking on another venture wouldn’t be such a bad option. Always known to be the class citizen and the complementary role model, the complete opposite may be a nice reprieve for the soft spoken french Canadian. Why not embrace your new role and career path, and allow the new up and coming contenders take over in the UFC? St. Pierre can now clear his conscious of what he left behind and focus on what is yet to come, but like Gina Carano, can a fighter forget the fighting mentality? Only time will tell.

Commentary by Justin Huffman

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