Getting to Know the Bosses of Mighty No. 9 [Video]

Are they up to standard?

Keiji Inafune making Mighty No. 9

Keiji Inafune, co-creator of the legendary Mega Man has his sights set on a new project, Mighty No.9. Back in September, Inafune put up a kickstarter to raise funds for the making of a new game that Mega Man fans would go crazy for. The project, known as Might No. 9 hit the $900,000 goal in less than 48 hours. With the confirmation of the game and work being underway now would be a good time to get to know the eight bosses of Mighty No. 9.

Now that Inafune and his team have had some time to dig into the project and get their hands dirty they have begun to show of the gameplay and what can be expected. After watching some of the game in action it is obvious how much the title feels reminiscent of old Mega Man and Mega Man X games.

So far we know that the game will feature eight different bosses, each of which make up a part of the Mighty Numbers. Here is Might No. 1. He looks to be a challenge, being covered in flames makes his offense and defense excellent. He excels in close range combat and will probably have some brutal grabs; best to keep your distance.

Mighty No. 9 INAFKING

Might No. 2 looks to be the opposite of the number before him. This little fella has control over both water and ice. He likes to play with his enemies so he’ll likely fight you from a distance and toy around with you.

Getting to know the Mighty No . 9 bosses

Mighty No. 3 is the only female member of the Mighty No.9 and she is the electric boss. She has control over machinery and looks like she has a number of tricks up her sleeve. Very interesting design, is she hiding anything under her cloak?

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 4 is the Rockman of the group. Of all the Might Numbers he has the most strength and can manipulate the environment with his enormous hands. If this guy can make use of this tires on his body he could be dangerously fast.

# 4 Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 5 looks like he showed up for Gundam Wing try outs but never got called back. This guy is loaded with enough weaponry and explosives to put Bomb Man to shame . He has a gatling gun, revolver, and missiles;  take cover.

Mega Man style game Mighty No. 9 and the 8 bosses

Mighty No. 6 is the most mobile of the Might Numbers. He attacks from the air in the form of raids and apparently provides excellent backup with working with the other Mighty Numbers. Will he be battling alone?

Mighty No. 9 boss 6

Mighty No. 7 may remind you of a certain saber wielding blondie, but this guy isn’t here to help. No. 7 has the speed of a ninja and prefers to cut down his enemies himself. Best not to underestimate this guy, no doubt he has some tricky maneuvers.

Mega Man X Zero Mighty No. 9 #7

Mighty No. 8 is the sniper of the group. He is a master of camouflage (and style, obviously) combine that with his radar and he makes for a serious threat. And yes, his arm is a sniper rifle.

All 8 bosses in Mighty No. 9

Who could forget the most important character of all, Mighty No. 9 himself. He goes by the name Beck and obviously holds many similarities to Mega Man. He is the newest to join the Mighty Numbers and is unaffected by a mysterious virus that is causing robots all over the world to lose control.

Beck Mighty No. 9

There you have it folks, a look into the bosses of Mighty No. 9. Keiji Inafune and his team are still working on the title but expect it to come out in 2015 . When it comes out you can expect to find it on pretty much everything because all of the stretch goals have been met. This means the game will be coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Mac and Linux. In addition, the game will have a number of extra features such as boss rush mode, online battle race mode, challenge mode, and more.

By Garrett Jutte
Kickstarter – Might No. 9

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