Girl Drops iPhone Gets Stuck in Drain

iphoneLosing a precious phone is like losing a lifeline these days, and if there was even a slim chance to rescue it, most people would try. This was the case for Ella-Anne Birchenough who saw her iPhone drop down a drain, and launched a bravado attempt to retrieve it by herself.

Ella was just walking home from school, chatting away to a friend, when she locked off  her iPhone, and slipped it, as she thought, into her pocket. It was right at that moment she was walking past the open drain, and a faint splash soon revealed that the phone had bypassed her pocket and gone for a dive.

Acting on impulse, Ella-Anne,16, managed to manoeuvre off the heavy metal drain cover where her iphone had dropped through the grille. Despite the opening to the drain being very narrow, she then lowered herself down, feet first, intending to pick up the phone between her toes.  She was down in the storm drain, up to her chest,supported only by her upper arms, when she realized she was well and truly stuck. The fire brigade was called and she was pulled to safety in front of a bemused crowd of onlookers. She was unhurt. The phone, however, was a write-off.

Ella told local news in her home town of Dover in England, that she too had found the situation pretty funny, and she said the first thing she had done was run home and take a very hot bath. With her picture and story splashed across the news today it is unlikely she will live this down for a long time to come. Her Mum said she may have to put up with an “old Nokia” from now on, but was relieved she was safe.

Another woman suffered a watery humiliation, this time in Spain. Edelia Aponte, 21, had gone to the park in Ciudad Real, where young people regularly gather on Friday nights for the ritual of “el botellon” or al fresco drinking parties.

Edelia met a man she liked and they retreated to a dark corner to enjoy some outdoor lovemaking. Unbeknownst to them in the dark, they had chosen the cover of a well shaft to have sex. Their activities dislodged the lid and Edelia tumbled to the bottom of the well. She too was rescued by firefighters but only after shivering in the cold water for half an hour. She was treated for hypothermia but was otherwise, apart from her dignity, unhurt. It is hoped that her partner made the call for help, even though he did not stay on the scene to assure she had been rescued.

While both these young ladies have been April Fools this week, there is no knowing when a silly accident or embarrassing incident may occur. The best advice is to accept the vagaries of fate and to laugh about it. Admittedly this may not be so easy for Edelia, particularly when she sets eyes on her runaway lover again. From wardrobe malfunctions, to trips and stumbles, faux pas and Freudian slips, bloops and blunders, potential embarrassment lies in wait for all.

Getting stuck in a drain, for the sake of an iPhone, is just one way to tempt fate a little too far.

By Kate Henderson


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