‘Girl Meets World’ Has ‘Boy Meets World’ Fans Excited–Sneak Peek

Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World has Boy Meets World fans very excited, and we’ve got a sneak peek about what to expect from the new spin-off. Boy Meets World was a fantastic 1990s sit-com featuring character Cornelius “Cory” Matthews, played by Ben Savage. The show quickly became a fan favorite and portrayed the typical life of a teenager growing up. Primarily a coming of age story, Boy Meets World ran for seven seasons and fans became involved in the story of not only Cory, but also his friends and family. The last season of the show centered on the Cory’s college life where he focused on his relationship with his girlfriend Topanga. Now, fans of Boy Meets World are extremely excited that a brand new television series will soon debut. Girl Meets World is one of the latest offerings from the Disney Channel.

On the new show, Cory and Topanga are married and have two children (making every 40-something who originally watched Boy Meets World feel older than Methuselah). At the heart of the show is their “tween” daughter, played by Rowan Blanchrd. This spin off will be similar to the old show, but will feature new combinations of characters and stories. The old life of Cory and Topanga will be revealed to fans in a series of flashbacks as they watch their daughter mature and give her advice about being a teenager. Cory will primarily talk to his daughter about all the adventures and  naughtiness he engaged in during his younger years in grade school to high school, but with lessons centering around teaching her the importance of getting a good education. It is being reported that he will be “the new Feeny,” a reference to Mr. Feeny, who was the beloved and wise teacher on Boy Meets World. The same character of Mr. Feeny, however, will also be reprised by actor William Daniels, who played Feeny on the original series.  On the other hand, Topanga  owns an “after school hangout” which is a pudding shop. This has led some to question the direction her character has taken, since on Boy Meets World, Topenga was always portrayed as being highly intelligent. So while Girl Meets World has Boy Meets World Fans excited, some are also asking why Topenga does not have a more prominent or intellectual job.

This new show will also include an exciting reunion of Cory and Topanga’s circle of friends, who will reminisce about the past. The story will place a lot of emphasis on the Matthews family, how the couple handles their married life together with their children; and it will connect some of the characters from the past like Cory’s parents. Fans expect that Cory and Topenga will rely on their parents’ guidance about how to handle the complicated problems in teenagers’ lives today. The Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World has  fans of the past show very excited. They’ll discover how Cory becomes a responsible parent for his children; teaching lessons from their past, and enjoying brand new adventures as well. Fans will get an inner glimpse of how Cory evolved from a simple, little bit naughty boy to a fully matured, grown up responsible man. This new show will surely please fans of Cory Matthews and the rest of the zany characters on the original show. It promises to be a fun-filled and enjoyable family series appropriate for children and adults alike. When Boy Meets World went off the air after a seven season run, fans were disappointed, so having the chance to get reacquainted with Cory, Topenga and the whole Matthews clan of friends and family with the upcoming Girl Meets World is a welcome treat. In addition to this sneak peek, be sure to stay tuned to Disney for the show when it debuts this summer.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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