Godzilla Is Coming (Video)

GodzillaGodzilla, the movie, is coming and will be released and in theaters May 16th. The new extended trailer has been flying around cyber space to rave reviews! Full of legendary mayhem, this iconic monster is sure to ruin anyone’s day. No one is safe from the destruction, in what may be what Warner Bros. is hoping will be a legendary film. If there was ever a movie monster to rehash using today’s technology, this must be the one. Most fans of the original Japanese franchise and virtually anyone that has seen the old fire breathing hell raiser are sure to love the fierce and truly terrifying new look of this most notable creature. The big screen has done justice to the new and improved look of the character that started his career by terrifying Japan, and eventually moving on to the United States. Godzilla has been around since the 50’s and was certainly due for a make over, as any pop icon of his stature would after 40 plus years. He has been not only featured in movies for years, but also comics, TV shows, and most recently commercials. Fans say this remake is long overdue.

Directed by Gareth Edwards, this creature feature will surely rack in the box office cash if the movie is even three quarters as good as the trailers. Leaving much to the imagination but giving the viewer the sense of the devastation and destruction to come, wets the appetite for the full length feature. What these sneak peeks are suggesting is a second epic monster, and one can only hope that Godzilla will come to save the earth. After all, what self respecting monster wants to share his planet? Although only a foot, or should it be called a claw, is seen in the trailer it does get the imagination going. It looks like movie goers are in for a treat and have high hopes for this movie.

The trailer starts out at what appears to be a nuclear reactor plant, where things go terribly wrong. Cue the fire and cloud of radioactive dust spreading at lightning speed through the reactor. We see one of the main characters played by Bryan Cranston, bid a tearful goodbye to his wife as the emergency doors shut to stop the radioactive cloud from releasing from the reactors inner chamber. You then briefly hear that the explosion was no accident! Now that’s intriguing and then he scene quickly changes to a watery destruction of a resort community. With only glimpses of the monster, this trailer gets you excited for all that you cannot see. It is fast paced and full of action and leave the viewer on the edge of their seat. Will this new age monster be able to be tamed by our modern day armed forces and state of the art weapons, or will the legend of his indestructibility live on in infamy? Godzilla is coming, are you ready?

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