Gold Will Not Go Away


Gold, and its resultant protection of your financial life, simply will not go away anytime soon. Despite what some would say about gold being yesterday’s investment, one can be assured that even the most savvy of gold investing detractors knows to at least stay connected to a gold investment, somewhere and somehow.

Gold is not only a beauty to have in your hands, but it has some amazing chemical and physical properties that make it unique in all the world. Water doesn’t effect it, and neither does oxygen cause it to rust. Rust being to metal what cancer is to the body, this makes gold “superhuman” in this comparison of metal and biological resistance. It is also an amazingly recyclable product.

It can be pounded into a thin sheet that is so incredibly thin that light can pass through it, but there will be no damage to the gold itself. Electrically conductive wires can be stretched as thin as a human hair with no effect to the metal or its properties. It can be planted inside of the human body for medical reasons and resist bacterial growth far beyond the patient’s life time. Gold is the ultimate metal, all other ages have come and gone, from the bronze to the iron, but Gold just will not go away.

A huge number of mechanical devices rely on the gold in their systems to keep them functioning properly. Billions of computers, home appliances and the telecommunications network relies on gold electrical connectors for continued performance. Protection from solar heat is also manufactured into the shields of satellites using gold. Air bag systems rely on gold coated contacts to keep your automobile safe.

Technology and deregulation have brought down much of the cost of our everyday living despite what the regular news will tell you. Food and gas are, of course, always a concern among the constantly rising and falling prices that keep us all in check on our spending for daily needs. The long-term, however, has proven to be a different story, and gold is at the heart of this revolution.

Just take a look at your cell phone and all of its capabilities. You can not only call someone, but you can text them as well. You can open a calculator, set up an alarm clock, take photos, play chess or video poker, have a music play list, an FM radio, maps and navigation and internet access. All of those things together would have cost quite the pretty penny in the not too distant past, and gold is right there on the leading edge. And, also, one can get incredible computing power today in relation to what was on the market just ten years ago. A computer that cost about $2,500.00 with a tower and a monitor, now costs about $700. As you might have guessed, gold is a major player in this amazing shift of cost.

Thinking about investments on the long-term with gold just makes good sense from a financial standpoint. Eurozone countries have shown that dirty political games and ineffective decision-making can cause difficulties from the past to suddenly appear at the front of your social problems. Sovereign debt is all too often taken from the banks and passed on to the taxpayers. Politicians who can’t get a grip on their own money, your first tax payment, often believe it’s just a matter of taxing the people once again to fix a fiscal problem. Long term irresponsibility with money invariably leads to bankruptcy, be it personal, or corporate, or sadly, entire governments.

The fact that Gold will not go away anytime soon may well be the hedge against the failures of the currency around you, and not sometime far off in the next generation either. The wolf may indeed be at the door. Reports of the looming currency law and President Obama’s intended proposition may or may not cause a chaos as predicted by those who oppose his intent, but if you have gold investment, you will perhaps rest a bit easier if indeed the “wheels come off” later this year.

By Mark M Boudreaux

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