Google Will Launch Users Back to the Future

GoogleGoogle has not exactly invented the flux capacitor and hired Doc Brown to build a modern DeLorean that will launch users back to the future, but they have released their newest version of Google Maps that will give users a view into the past. The new time travel feature will allow people to see streets as they previously appeared, as if looking at old photographs.

As before, uses will drop the little yellow stick figure directly onto a specific location, pulling up the Google Street View feature. While the old version provided users with spectacular 360-degree views of buildings, neighborhoods and sites, the new feature propels the user into a mind-boggling time trip. Years from now, people will able to access their childhood homes and places they knew at a different time in their life, and have the ability to see those places exactly as they were at that specific time.

To date, Google has assembled imagery that dates back to 2007 that was captured by the roving Google Maps vehicle. Users will have the ability to sift through the images, pinpointing specific events during a period of time and see it as it once appeared. With a click of a button, viewers can land at 285 Fulton Street in New York City, right at the base of the One World Trade Center and the Freedom Tower. With a quick swipe, they can be transported back to 2007 and see the start of construction, slowly moving forward through time and see the building rise to 1,776 feet tall.

Google Maps started as a feature that allowed users to navigate their way through a map. Then came Google Street View that dropped people directly onto a street, as if driving directly down the road. Now, the new feature will launch users into the past just as Marty McFly was able to accomplish in the 1980’s hit, Back to the Future. It is another step for Google, one that they are hoping will act as a type of time capsule. While the older version of the maps feature has allowed people to travel virtually to cities, countries and continents throughout the world from the comfort of the couch, the new feature adds an intelligent and unique twist.

Google has been on the cutting edge with this type of technology, and as more users discover the new feature and time moves forward, more and more people will be traveling into the past. The feature has the ability to capture stunning before and after photographs of historic events. While users look for the best way to preserve memories, whether through photographs or written story, the ability for Google to launch the users back and forth from past to present is sure to grab the attention of users. Everyone has dreamed of jumping back and forth from the past to present, and to the future, and while Google does not have the ability to transport people forward, they have magically been able to drop people into the past.

By Johnny Caito

Wall Street Journal
Tech Times
Evening Times

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