GrubHub Seamless Increased IPO Nets $192 Million


GrubHub, Seamless increased IPO shares and nets itself a surprising $192 Million. That is a really big deal these days. The fact that sales are brisk on shares of this relatively young company, is promising evidence of economic improvement, for some, anyway. Upon making the IPO public, Seamless owner, GrubHub raises a huge amount surprising not only everyone, but themselves as well.  It seems to have unexpectedly created a boon worthy of note.  This undoubtedly bodes well for their future endeavors – which is presumably why GrubHub went public.  Together both services are dominating the online food order/delivery market with gusto.  The public is pleased with the service and apparently the offering of 7 million shares at $23-$25 a share, as they are enthusiastically snapping them up.  Can’t be mad at that – if one is lucky enough to be able to invest in shares of any company, or two for that matter.  Many e-commerce companies hope that their increased IPO will net them surprising results as well; that what they are selling or offering as a service will be a hit too.  And at best GrubHub Seamless  sets a high bar inspiring anyone wanting to start up a business.  They are doing very well and at a very high valuation of 2 billion. That means their contribution to the economy is significant and will continue to do so going forward.  They are hiring people and providing a necessary convenience.  They are running with the big dogs.  Everyone is happy.

As metropolitan cities become more crowded with traffic and congestion, it becomes more difficult to get around especially during lunch and dinner hours; one needs easy access to food. Delivery service is a vital lifeline to many a tired, weary city dweller. Going public with their IPO, this auspicious merger of Seamless GrubHub has raised $192 million and solidifies them as leaders in the dining by delivery service business. Increased market share equals increased visibility.  For those with the resources to utilize this service, they probably won’t notice any difference in either company’s delivery – well, until the fee goes up, which surely it will. Many will pay whatever over the hassle of traffic.  Funny that there are many services for the folks out there who can afford to pay for the luxury of convenience.  It is not so funny that there are so many people who are not so fortunate and are struggling just to eat.  Hopefully, now with more revenue, 15 times more than last year, Seamless and GrubHub will create more jobs and job stability for those seeking to find work that raises their morality while increasing the funds in their own bank accounts.  Hopefully with the success of this company, many other entrepreneurs will be inspired to dig deeper to come up with something as good as food delivery.  By all accounts this is a good merger and perhaps GrubHub and Seamless will be inspired  to help the less fortunate.  Perhaps teach a class on how to net exceptional results when growing a business? They certainly landed themselves into the exception to the rule category.  What’s next for them, global domination?

When a company is looking at global expansion it is very exciting. Getting to a point where an IPO goes viral, as it were, one has officially arrived. It must an exhilarating, heady feeling mixed with a state of shock and wonder.  Those guys couldn’t hardly believe what just happened.  Staying grounded and focused on what is beneficial for the company and the greater good can easily go awry, however.  It raises many questions about how keeping the wolves at bay will be managed- meaning staving off corruption and greed.  Therefore, it is important for GrubHub Seamless to be mindful and ever vigilant. Integrity goes a long way in maintaining a quality of service for this delivery company.  An increased IPO, raising $192 million for a public offering is no small feat, but GrubHub Seamless has done just that. They have demonstrated that offering a service with great customer service nets not just great results, but in their case, over the top results.  Good for them.  May they always stay true to themselves.

Opinion by CL Williams


Bloomberg News