Guilty Plea for Woman Who Stole Baby From Hospital

Guilty Plea for Woman Who Stole Baby From Hospital

Imagine being the mother of a 3-day-old infant and after going through the tough nine months of pregnancy: there is getting through the agony of excruciating labor. Then after that, finally the calm comes after the storm. Mother is able to lay in her hospital bed, with baby cradled lovingly in her arms. Next, enters a woman who claims to be a nurse and she takes the baby away for what she says are needed medical tests.

What happens next is the parents discover the woman was not a nurse at all, but an imposter who had no intention of returning with the newborn. Well this is exactly what happened at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania back in August, 2012. However, now the kidnapper has decided to plead guilty as she allegedly feels remorse and responsibility for her devious actions.

Breona Moore was age 19 at the time she committed this atrocious crime. Prior to the incident, the 230-pound woman had been claiming to her doubting family and friends that she was pregnant. It was right after she bragged of giving birth that Moore purchased hospital scrubs and entered Magee, posing as a nurse. That same day, she began sharing news on Facebook, boasting that she had given birth to a baby boy through Caesarian section. Moore’s family had been aware the young woman could not physically have children of her own. They therefore became suspicious and called police.

On April 7, approximately two years since Moore kidnapped the newborn, she walked into an Allegheny, PA courthouse and plead guilty to having taken the child right out from under the hospital’s nose. Official felony charges include kidnapping, concealing the whereabouts of a child, unlawful restraint, trespassing, and interfering with custody. Her sentencing is set for June 24, 2014 where Moore will face up to almost 60 years in prison and over $100,000 in fines.

Apparently, the admittedly guilty Moore, now age 21, had been searching all over the hospital that day for just the right opportunity to steal a newborn. Once she zeroed in on her victim, Breona told the mother that the infant was needed for some medical testing. Both mother and child were scheduled for release that day. Moore then fled the hospital with the infant inside a zipped-up handbag. It was nearly five hours later that Moore and the baby were discovered in a janitor’s closet of a downtown office building. The 3-day-old was unharmed.

Since that day, a mentally ill Breona Moore has spent a long stint in the Torrence State Mental hospital receiving professional help. Blaine Jones, Moore’s lawyer, claims the woman who now pleads guilty for kidnapping a newborn baby from Magee-Womens Hospital in 2012, has come a long way. She is alleged to be much more mentally fit and extremely remorseful for her crimes.

Because Moore does not have a prior history with law enforcement and due to her mental state at the time of the crime, she may not face the maximum sentence. Jones stated: “She’s taking ownership of it…” He also added that Moore was very saddened and hurt by her actions.

By Josh Taub



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