Hate Crimes Alive and Well Even After 150 Years Have Passed

Hate crimes Alive and Well Even after 150 Years have Passed

Hate crimes are alive and well and has been thriving even though 150 years have passed. Sadly, it does not seem like it is going to be going anywhere soon. With groups like the KKK, white only Ariyan race, and Neo-Nazi groups preaching their gospel of hate towards other ethnic groups, this friction will not stop until everyone else who has had enough of the blood lust and bloodshed say, Enough! No more hate crimes!

Recently, at a New York Catholic High School, two students brought in a Confederate flag. The Principal, Brother Gary Cregan, decided to expel the students indefinitely because Cregan thought the Confederate flag stood for a symbol of hate. In the mind of some, that is probably the case as images of what has happened to the African people before, during, and after the Civil War, or as people from the South call it, The War of Northern Aggression, are still very much a topic of debate and conversation over mint julep tea.

What is not known is why the two students brought in the Confederate flag to begin with, what their intentions were, whether benevolent or malevolent, or was it for a class project or a practical joke or just out of spite. In the South, the Confederate flag is still found flying at people’s homes and businesses. This cultural issue of tension over whether the Confederate flag between the North and the South has been settled has still not been resolved . . . with the South, that is. In the North, this issue is settled and done. However in the South, the final judgment is still at an impasse. What is known, is that for some, hate crimes are still alive and well.

This tension, hidden by racial hate can be directly linked to the fall of Adam and Eve fueled by Lucifer, now known as Satan. Before Lucifers fall, Lucifer was God’s highest ranking Cherub in charge of leading the hosts of heaven in worship of God . . .That was until iniquity was found in this once former Cherub. Lucifer was thrown out of heaven for leading a rebellion against God and became Satan. Mankind was Gods highest creation and took the place of preeminence over Lucifer, which did not settle well with Satan. So the war with mankind began. Anything that is good, pure, and honest is contrary to what the devil is, which is evil, stained, and dishonest. Satan does not have the best intentions for mankind as seen in chapters 1 and 2 in the book of Job. There is further proof in John 10:10 where Jesus says of the devil, The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy . . .

This lie that one race is better than another has caused much bloodshed as the Civil War has shown. 360,222 men died from the North and 258,000 died from the South. Fox News reported that these two boys, after school hours, decided to walk about the campus grounds with the Confederate flag hung over their shoulders. Again, what is not known is why this was done. If it was out of spite for their African-American peers, their actions were out of line. Even if it was done to express their 1st Amendment rights, a better choice would have been in order. Hating one group over their ethnicity and color of their skin breaks the heart of God, as all people have been created in God’s image. The world will never get over hate crimes, until they get past their racial discrimination. May this not take another 150 years to see peace between different races and ethnicity groups.

Opinion by John Thomas

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