Hillary Clinton: Grandmother-in-Chief

Hillary Clinton: Grandmother-in-ChiefChelsea Clinton is still living in her parent’s shadow. At a time when the Clinton family may wish to celebrate the announcement of a new family member, and Bill and Hillary Clinton finally becoming grandparents, the sharing of this news has pushed this week’s controversy button instead. Hillary Clinton, the self-proclaimed Grandmother-to-be, motivated chatter regarding her potential ability to be a grandparent and govern simultaneously. Questions or even insinuations of this nature would seem old school in 2014 nevertheless, Americans are having the conversation.

Taking Hillary’s education and experience in politics into consideration appears to be set aside. For the moment, the attention is being given to her sex and whether a woman can perform well in a demanding job while caring for a child. The interesting thing is that she’s going to be a new grandmother, not a new mother. There are no signs as yet that Chelsea and husband Marc Mezvinsky are planning to make grandma Hillary the primary care giver to their child.

Readers have found outlets such as USA Today, Politico and the Christian Science Monitor among others have chosen to focus on Hillary’s age, sex or looks in the wake of Chelsea’s announcement. No stranger to controversy, Hillary may be challenged to keep the conversation on politics rather than weapons of mass distraction.

One may be lead to believe the would be, Grandmother-in-Chief Hillary, actually initiated this conversation. While speaking at the Women in the World conference Hillary spoke about gender in the media. Also of note is the fact that since her departure as Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton has given much attention to issues concerning women and girls.

Although Chelsea recently became Vice Chair and a full partner with parents Bill and Hillary Clinton in the family business, the Clinton Global Initiative, she has yet to be questioned about motherhood with regard to her new position. What does this say of the conversation regarding the views of those who question only the abilities of a Grandmother-in-Chief and not the busy mother-to-be?

The role with the Clinton Initiative has expanded Chelsea’s already challenging schedule. In pursuit of her doctorate, Chelsea gave time to her education earlier this year, while still working as a special correspondent on NBC News. When she graduates from Oxford having studied, politics, history and government this degree will be the forth for Chelsea.

During the Women in the World conference Hillary is quoted to have said, ‘The double standard is alive and well, and I think in many respects the media is the principal propagator of its persistence,”. Some in the media may have perceived this comment as a challenge and opportunistically chosen to swing back and make it personal. Now that the conversation has been initiated on the national level, should she run for President in 2016 Mrs. Clinton may choose to place this issue prominently within her campaign strategy. Meanwhile, the nation awaits a definitive announcement from Clinton regarding her political future.

No matter the fight observers are urged to believe Hillary Clinton will be up to the challenge. Be it First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State or Grandmother-in-Chief the media and the nation are sure to be watching and weighing in.

By T. Lawson